Broadband and internet problems

  User-5A37EF33-B5B1-4F27-A81D6CC092FD0345 15:55 08 May 2003

Moved up to BT Broadband at end of March & installed IE6 at about the same time. Previously with Freeserve but now no ISP. I can connect to the internet OK but when I sometimes try to move to another website I get the error message 'this program has preformed an illegal operation....' The web pages close & I lose most of the small icons off the right hand end of the task bar-including the Broadband arrows, internet connection symbols etc. I can then use nothing for several minutes & if I try to the PC just hangs & I have to reboot. If I wait the several minutes I can usually get back onto the internet, as I am still connected, but eventually I often end up with the same error message & have to start over. In addition(possibly related?), when my PC is turned on, it tries to access a website but comes up with the message'Server not found'-this is even before I have connected to the internet via Broadband. When I close the error message page the PC also hangs for a few minutes before anything is usable, including the Start button or any shortcuts.

  Cuddles 10:43 09 May 2003

Have you still got the Freeserve account trying to access the internet as well as a dial up connection this could be conflicting with the Broadband.

It is possible-but I thought I had removed the Freeserve account. Where should I look to check if the Freeserve account has been completely removed.

  keith-236785 23:09 09 May 2003

freeserve is a complete and utter b**tard to get rid of, it takes over your computer I HATE IT.

first check in add remove programs for freeserve, if it is there REMOVE IT.

second check in My computer/ dial up networking that freeserve is not there, if it is just DELETE IT.

see if this makes any difference to your start-up

also check in outlook express (tools,accounts) to see if there is an e-mail account set up for freeserve if there is just DELETE IT


Thanks - checked all that and seems to have all been deleted OK.

Any other thoughts.

  otubby1 10:35 12 May 2003

I had the same problem. If you look back a few threads, you will find one with the heading 'Internet Explorer closing with error message' and follow the instructions given by VoG to me. I don't know yet, of course, if it has worked, but it's worth a try.

I have tried the repair suggestion and this has certainly made a big improvement with the computer only hanging occassionally. I will see if the problem continues over the next few days and if there is a pattern.

  AJ28 21:11 13 May 2003

I have just moved onto broadband from freeserve!

You need to cancel your freeserve account over the phone, have you done this?

Problem seems to have resolved itself but what cured it I do not really know!!

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