Broadband internet got much slower

  tingle 21:37 15 Jul 2003

My internet connection tonight has slowed right down. I just installed ZoneAlarm, Pop-up stopper, Sygate Personal Firewall, and Spybot and Ad-aware (free downloads from pc-advisor). Could these be slowing down my surfing?

  mikef. 21:43 15 Jul 2003

Yes you only need one firewall so you need to choose between ZoneAlarm or Sygate and if you have XP you also will have to disable it's own firewall.

  tingle 22:12 15 Jul 2003

Okay thanks. Which would you recommend? Is either of them really necessary since I believe that my D-Link DSL500 modem/router has its own firewall.

Also, if you think I should keep one of these software firewalls on my laptop (win 98), do I also need it for my desktop (win XP) or is the XP firewall sufficient.

I suspect the problem with my laptop might just be its spec (400Mhz, 128MB ram) rather than the internet connection itself. Browsing is much slower, but downloading files seems about normal...

  jazzypop 22:18 15 Jul 2003

I much prefer Sygate to ZoneAlarm.

Yes, you need a software firewall (such as Sygate) on each PC. Sygate (and ZA) will prevent unwanted incoming and outgoing comms - the XP firewall only blocks incoming.

You are probably right with regard to the laptop.

  User-312386 00:03 16 Jul 2003

Do not use the XP firewall

Turn off the XP firewall as well

To do that go to start>control panel>network and internet connections>network connections

Now right click on your connection, select Properties, now select advanced and ensure the "Internet connection firewall" box in UN-TICKED

Now use a the firewall of your choice, my personal preference is Sygate click here


  tingle 00:12 16 Jul 2003

Thanks all, much appreciated

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