Broadband - interference on voice line

  [DELETED] 11:47 25 Oct 2003

I have just installed my broadband service (using a local Channel Islands supplier). All appears to work apart from the voice line. There is a significant hiss in the background. It is not so bad when I turn the modem off, but intolerable when I am using it. Besides, the whole idea of broadband is that I can use the internet and phone line at the same time! Can anyone help? Justin

  graham√ 11:49 25 Oct 2003

Sorry, but the most obvious question is have you fitted filters?

  graham√ 13:04 25 Oct 2003

Justin, best to use the Add a new response, below.

So, filters fitted. Unplug everything except the modem from the line. Now plug in one filter and one phone to one other socket and check for noise. Then unplug the phone and try another in the same socket and filter.

What you have to do is try every combination of phone, socket and filter. It's usually just one phone causing the noise, even if it's not the one being used.

  Forum Editor 13:08 25 Oct 2003

This problem is almost invariably caused by one phone in the house - often a wireless one.

I spent an hour with a client last week, sorting out exactly the same thing. It turned out to be a cordless phone in the bedroom that was to blame.

  [DELETED] 12:06 26 Oct 2003

Have tried every combination, and still suffering from the noise. We have 5 phone sockets in the house, and all of them have the noise. On the Westell (make of modem) website it talks about a POTS filter. I might try one of those?

  graham√ 12:41 26 Oct 2003

Did you try them one at a time?

Note that POTS is the acronym for Plain Old Telephone System. PANS is Pretty Amazing New Stuff. So a POTS filter is what you have already.

If still no luck, it may be that one or more of the extension sockets has the A and B legs on a split pair. The standard wiring on all sockets is Blue with white rings on 2, White with blue rings on 5, Orange with white rigs on 3.

  [DELETED] 12:57 26 Oct 2003

You said you have 5 telephone outlets in the house? If you have a telephone or other apparatus fitted to each of these outlets, the problem might be REN overload. The average telephone and or modem has a rating of 1 REN... therefore with a limit of 4 for a single phone line..... that might be your answer. I am assuming you have filters fitted to every peice of kit that is connected to an outlet? Including the TV cable box (assuming you have satelite).

  spuds 13:54 26 Oct 2003

Get a line check by your provider.Problem could be a combination of things, as suggested in above.Adding further,I had a similar problem, and it was found that water had seeped into an external connection box, which caused some corrosion and bad jointing.New box and problem was solved.

  [DELETED] 20:03 28 Oct 2003

Firstly, thank you to everyone for their suggestions.

I have tried each of our telephones individually one at a time, trying each of the filters and still no success. The ISP has now actually given me three more filters to try, but these don't help either.

The only thing I haven't tried is moving the modem (and PC) to another room. i.e. it could be the socket I am using for the modem that is at fault?

I don't think it will be a REN problem, on the basis that I have been connecting only one phone at a time.

The ISP said they will send an engineer to find out what the problem is, so I'll report back once I get to the bottom of it.

Thanks again for all your help.

  graham√ 21:24 28 Oct 2003

If possible, move the PC to the main socket. Take off the bottom cover of the master socket. This should isolate the extension wiring. Plug in a filter, then modem and phone to the filter. Give it a go.

  [DELETED] 17:40 31 Oct 2003

The engineer from the ISP has just been 'round and confirmed that everything is set up correctly, including filters. He thinks there might be faulty wiring in the house. I'm therefore getting Jerset Telecoms out to have a look.

In the meantime, I'll try the modem with my wife's laptop downstairs (with nothing else plugged in).

I'm also going to try buying a cheap and cheerful phone, because the three we have are all rather sophisticated ones that you have to plug into the mains power.

Once I've got to the bottom of this episode, I'll let you know the cause of this frustrating problem.

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