Broadband Installation - Us of BT Extension Lone

  CKT 12:02 22 May 2005

I am just about to order Broadband but noticed on one website that the modem must not be connected via an extension cable ["as these are not designed to handle digital signals"]. However, searching this forum suggests that extension points can be used without problems. As I wish to connect to an extension point fitted in my study - it was installed by BT 10 years ago and has been used for Dial-Up since then - very grateful for advice on whether such extensions can be used for Broadband connections.

Very many thanks in advance.

  Jomi 12:08 22 May 2005

I'm using an extension for bt broadband with an alcatel modem. Broadband works ok but occasionally I get disconnected when I answer the phone, even though I'm using filters. The cable coming into the house and the extension are both copper cored - don't know why it wouldn't work.

  Forum Editor 12:16 22 May 2005

that the extension socket has a microfilter plugged into it. Connect the modem to the microfilter and all should be well.

Individual home phone installations can give rise to quirky problems, so there's no guarantee, but I'll be surprised if you have trouble.

  palinka 17:51 22 May 2005

My BB uses an extension without any problems. The main line into the house has a phone on it; from that line runs one extension with second phone on it and one extension with PC on it. Remember you need a filter on main line and every extension - whatever you use them for. My only problem was working out where exactly to place the filter on the extension to second phone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:59 22 May 2005

Ran an extension upstairs for phone and BB modem, If can read this it must still be working ok :0)

  brambles 18:05 22 May 2005

My phone is in hall & I have extension to study which, with filters works fine.

If you have a Sky TV/Phone point this needs a filter! Everything does.

BT useful phone number
0800 800060 SELECT OPTION1, Then OPTION 2, Then OPTION 2 Hope it's not necessary!


  woodchip 18:11 22 May 2005

My extention cable to BB router about 130ft long no probs at all as above if you use filters that is only thing you should need

  Graham ® 18:38 22 May 2005

If in doubt click here

  Stuartli 18:58 22 May 2005

One particular website that mentions this point is Tiscali, although I know several people who use a long telephone extension cable to their BB modem - I suspect the quality of the extension cable has something to do with it.

My son uses a 20m telephone extension cable for broadband and has experienced no problems.

In my case I decided to buy a 10 metre data and telephone cable extension with RJ11/45 plugs at each end for the feed from the Master Socket, at the same time continuing to use the present telephone extension cable to feed my two dialup accounts.

The ADSL splitter serves the BB connection and, from a double phone adapter, the extension cable, plus main cordless phone and answering machines (the latter two again from a double adapter)

The 10m cable cost me £7.59 from click here which is based about a mile from my home; the price was at least half of the cost of a similar lead from other sources and is by Lindy (a well known brand) with a product number of 34226.

A three metre cable version (similar to that supplied with the modem but not long enough) would have cost only about £1.30 less.

You can have them made up to length at some outlets but the cost varies from 50p to £1 a metre, plus delivery.

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