Broadband Installation - Sagem Fast 800

  [DELETED] 10:19 24 May 2008

I am trying to install Broadband on my Medion Notebook. I do not have the installation CD for the Sagem Fast 800 Modem and so I downloaded the drivers from the Sagem Web Site.
However when I come to install the drivers a screen is shown which asks
'Please select your driver type'. Under this are the following:

PPPoE LLC 0/100
PPPoE LLC 0/33
PPPoE LLC 0/35
PPPoE LLC 0/38
PPPoE LLC 1/32
PPPoE LLC 100/100
PPPoE LLC 8/32
PPPoE LLC 8/35
PPPoE LLC 8/48
PPPoE LLC 8/64

RFC1483 Bridge LLC 0/100
RFC1483 Bridge LLC 0/101
RFC1483 Bridge LLC 0/32
RFC1483 Bridge LLC 0/33
RFC1483 Bridge LLC 0/34
RFC1483 Bridge LLC 0/35
RFC1483 Bridge LLC 1/32
RFC1483 Bridge LLC 8/35

RFC1483 Routed LLC 8/32

RFC1483 Routed VCMUX 18/80
RFC1483 Routed VCMUX 8/36

I do not know which driver type I need for my modem (Sagem Fast 800).

Also if I try the Tiscali drivers instead of Sagems, at the end of the installation I get the error:
'ADSL USB Modem - Unkown hardware detected. Software Is Not Compatible'.

I have noticed however that even with this error the modem icon in the taskbar is green but in the dial up connection box where the phone number should be it says 'adsl' not 0.38.

Is there also an help page whch i can check my dial up connection settings against.

Any advice appreciated.

  rawprawn 10:33 24 May 2008

Have a look here click here

And here
click here
I don't know if it's what you need but it's worth atry.

  [DELETED] 10:40 24 May 2008

Thanks for your reply.

I have just found this information on the Sagem Web Site regarding the Sagem Fast 800 Modem. In the F.A.Q. section there is a question 'What aee Main ADSL Network Parameters'.
The answer given is as follows:-

Please find hereunder the ADSL parameters applicable tou your country.
Please ask your ISP to confirm those parameters.


PPPoA VCmux 1 32
Belgium PPPoA VCmux 8 35
Denmark RFC 1483 bridge LLCsnap 0 101
Finland RFC 1483 bridge LLCsnap 0 100
France PPPoA VCmux 8 35
Greece PPPoA VCmux 8 35
Ireland PPPoE LLCsnap 8 35
Italy PPPoA VCmux 8 35
Netherlands PPPoA VCmux 8 48
Poland PPPoA VCmux 0 35
Portugal PPPoE LLCsnap 0 35
Spain PPPoE LLCsnap 8 32
Sweden RFC 1483 bridge LLCsnap 8 35
Switzerland PPPoE LLCsnap 8 35
United Kingdom PPPoA VCmux 0 38

The parameter for the UK is listed as PPPoA VCmux 0 38. Is this the driver type that the Sagem driver is asking for?

  Stuartli 14:35 24 May 2008

The one you require is PPPoA VCMUX 0/38 - this is for the UK VPI and VCI settings.

  Stuartli 14:39 24 May 2008

Only connect the modem when advised to do so during the installation.

It's unusual, by the way, for Tiscali not to be one of the UK ISPs listed and available for selection during the installation.

However, it's about two years since I finished using the Sagem [email protected] 800..:-)

  [DELETED] 17:21 24 May 2008

Thanks for your reply, I will try installing the Sagem drivers from the Sagem Site and see if I can connect without the error which I get using hhe Tiscali Sagem drivers. Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 13:14 06 Feb 2011


My problem: The Tiscali installation CD cannot intall the driver properly for the SAGEM FAST 800-400 on my new Windows 7 machine.

Downloaded driver from SAGEM and confirm "PPoA VCMUX 0/38" works for the UK as of Feb 2011.

Thanks a lot !

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