Broadband Installation Problems!

  MJJ8801 11:18 19 Sep 2004

I have just recieved my AOL Broadband 'Easy(!!)Installation Pack and things don't seem quite as easy as they should be.

Having followed the instructions to the letter at least 7 times things didn't work. Having made 5 phone calls to the helpline I have downloaded (narrowband) new modem drivers (BT Voyager 105)and re-installed a couple more times,still no joy.

on my last call I was given a 'one shot test' which apparently proved that all components and the BT line are functioning OK.

The problem now is that I have been referred to 2nd line assistance by AOL but I won't get a call back for several days due to demand.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems, and if so can they be solved without the help of AOL.
My modem is showing an intermittent DSL light. The task bar icon is flashing yellow. Following the instructions when I reach the configure modem page on AOL I am not offerred a broadband option, only a 56k dial-up. When I select broadband manually and try to connect the connection log shows 'Your modem was unable to establish a DSL connection (24-04-04-052)

Any help much appreciated before my PC goes through the window!

  daxian 11:54 19 Sep 2004

hi mj.....
a friend of mine had a similar problem ,which turned out to be down to his new digital phones ,there were to many !!!!
he had one of these sets that lets you have a phone in every room with one base unit .
i played around for a week trying to sort it for him after he had gone through all the helplines on offer without success .
then as a last resort i asked him to unplug all his phones and his bb worked .
from there it was just a matter of adding the phones back one by one ,and when we put the last phone back online the bb stopped working again .
might be worth a try !!!!

  SEASHANTY 15:33 19 Sep 2004

Have you tried a search on Google?
click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 19 Sep 2004

Everthing!! plugged into the phone line needs to be filtered.

Filter required for your BB modem and for each phone / fax /answering machine

  Diemmess 16:08 19 Sep 2004

How quickly I forget!!!!
My efforts were not instant success and with instability elsehere in the O/s at the time I did have to re-install the 105 some time later.

The flashing yellow arrows suggest the fault lies with setting up the modem, and not further down the system. When BB is working, power and DSL lights stay lit all the time. the Data light only comes on when data is passing through.

Fundamentals - as Fruit Bat /\0/\says, a filter in every socket where there is already another phone or machine. Ideally the modem has a Rj11 lead straight to the filter on the master socket.

If you are setting up manually, start by "Adding New location", and add new modem to it.

Sorry, without going back to the sign on screen, I can't be more specific. Even with BB I can't fiddle with the setting routine while online!

  Diemmess 16:31 19 Sep 2004

Having fiddled with my setup options I paste this straight from the relevant helpfile, only the last bit is broadband specific but I think it may help You have I suppose disconnected the modem lead from the old card?..........>

1. On the AOL Sign-On screen, click Sign On Options.

2. In the AOL Setup window, click Add a Location.

3. In the Add Location window, type a name for the new location (for example, Office) in the Location Name: field and click Next.

4. Continue with one of the options shown below.

To add locations to connect by modem:

1. In the AOL Has Detected a Modem window, type the area code you want to connect from and click Next.

2. In the Select Dialling Options window, select as many dialling options as appropriate and click Next.

3. In the Select AOL Access Phone Numbers window, select as many access phone numbers as as appropriate from the list and click Next.

4. Verify the information in the Confirm AOL Access Phone Numbers window and click Next.

5. You may now sign on to AOL.

To add locations to connect with broadband:

1. In the AOL has Detected Broadband window, click Next.

2. You may now sign on to AOL.

To add locations when you have both modem and broadband connection devices:

1. In the AOL has Detected… window, click Change Connection Device if the location you are creating is not using the same device that was detected, and follow the appropriate procedure shown above.


· You will incur AOL communications surcharges and/or telephone charges when dialling into AOL access numbers outside the United Kingdom, or UK access numbers which are not freephone numbers. See Important Surcharge Information for more details.

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