Broadband Installation

  tAtu*! 14:52 04 Jan 2007

Hello all

Please can u help?

I currently have BT broadband set up on my desktop computer. I have sold my desktop and want to install my bt broadband on my laptop.

silly question but....... Do all i need to do is put my installation CD in and attach my modem and install as i did on my desktop PC?

sorry if this sounds a bit silly but I want confirmation that what i am doing is correct??

your help is appreciated as always


  m800afc 14:55 04 Jan 2007

You will probably have to install the modem software onto your laptop from your installation CD, but that is about all you have to do

  Gongoozler 14:57 04 Jan 2007

Hi tAtu*!. Install your broadband on your laptop in exactly the same way as you did for your desktop. This is generally done by running the installation cd, and then connecting the modem to the computer which will then recognise the modem. Don't forget to install antivirus and firewall software on the laptop.

  tAtu*! 15:02 04 Jan 2007

Thanks Gongoozler/m800afc

Final silly question coming up!

Do i put the modem in before the installation disk, or do i run the installation disk first then plug modem in???

Cheers !

  skidzy 15:05 04 Jan 2007

Some setups vary,but normally run the setup disc and you should be prompted to connect the modem.

  tAtu*! 15:08 04 Jan 2007


i will try it now!

hopefully be back on shortly!

  rodriguez 15:09 04 Jan 2007

I had BT broadband and I had to install the software then plug in the modem afterwards. It should actually tell you during the setup wizard when to plug it in.

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