Broadband hijacking

  Eileanbeag 09:27 17 May 2011

My son who is in shared accommodation recently started using broadband. He has found that although his computer is not on his broadband usage is being consumed. It seems to me that someone is tapping into this. What can he do to stop this?

  onthelimit1 09:36 17 May 2011

Shared accom and broadband. That implies that the broadband is for all to use and the costs shared. If not so, please explain further.

  Eileanbeag 10:08 17 May 2011

Landline and broadband installed by my son with owner's permission to his own room

  Woolwell 10:12 17 May 2011

Is he wireless and has he secured his network?

  Eileanbeag 11:00 17 May 2011

He is not wireless and no - I don't think he has secured network - how does he go about this?

  bremner 11:11 17 May 2011

If he is not wireless then I cannot see how his broadband is being used by someone else as they would need an actual physical wired connection to his modem(router).

  johndrew 11:16 17 May 2011

Are there any other telephone points in the house connected to the same line? It is not impossible that, although the line is his, it was connected using existing wiring which would allow access to others. They would then simply need to gain access to his logon identity and password.

I would suggest that as it is wired broadband, he check for other phone points, check with his ISP the account cannot be used by wireless (I feel certain it can be) and get his password changed. He should then ensure that only he knows it and allows no-one access to his PC as the password will be accessible to anyone who has such access.

  onthelimit1 11:49 17 May 2011

If it's been installed to his room only, and not wireless, no way could it be hijacked. BUT, even though he is not connected wirelessly, doesn't mean the router isn't capable of it. If this is the case he needs to set up security on the router. Way to do it varies from make to make. If you could post the exact model of the router, we can determine if it is wireless and how to secure it.

  bremner 12:12 17 May 2011


You cannot connect two dsl modems to one telephone number so it does not matter if thehre are other phone points.

  Eileanbeag 12:17 17 May 2011

There are no other phone points; he had to have the line put in; Although he is connected through wired his router will do either. Not sure what router but it has just been installed by BT two months ago

  lotvic 12:25 17 May 2011

Which router does he have?

If he goes to the routers homepage he should be able to see if any pc's are connected wirelessly. (only if they are connected at the moment he checks)

Needs to set up Wireless WPA Security with a password so that if anyone else wants to connect wirelessly they can't unless they put the password in.

AND/OR He can turn off Wireless on the Router sometimes there is a button on the router to press for wireless on/off.

Post back with which Router it is then someone can give you instructions.

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