HIGHLAND GUY 14:04 23 Oct 2004

Hi all, I am looking for a good value broadband connection 512k as our exchange has been recently upgraded,i was hoping some of you nice folk could recommend a supplier, i am currently with tiscali on dial up is there broadband any good? I dont want a capped usage limit per month either heres hoping you can steer me in the right direction many thanks.

  Noelg23 14:29 23 Oct 2004

the cheapest 512K connection for you would be Central Point at £18.99 a month and its uncapped plus your not tied down to a 12month contract...only 3months and then ongoing after that. I have their 1meg connection and its fantastic and it only costs £25.99 a its half price activation but I would advise getting your own modem as theirs is very pricey at £45!! the site is click here and for nice cheap modem go to click here good luck mate...

  stickleback 14:57 23 Oct 2004

Have just signed up for Wanadoo at £17.99 for 1Mb connection. Set up via router was very easy and connection is very fast.

  Carronade 15:05 23 Oct 2004

Like Stickleback, I signed up with Wanadoo at £17.99 per month (minimum one year contract). Modem and two line filters included, free. Highly recommended.

  Noelg23 15:07 23 Oct 2004

yes Wanadoo is cheap but the catch is at £17.99 only a 2GB monthly usage and I think our friend said they didnt want a capped usage it wouldnt be ideal for them...

  TomJerry 15:11 23 Oct 2004

Best value for money no capped 512k one is Tesco £19.97 at the moment no activiation fee (some charge about £60) and free modem.

Wanadoo 1M is really not good because it is capped, "faster" connection only make cap come eariler.

  rômanab 15:16 23 Oct 2004

I've just upgraded to tiscali broadband (512) and so far everything seems fine. It's seems really quick and and this is born out in the online adsl speed checks.

  rômanab 15:19 23 Oct 2004

My apologies, that should have read...........

It seems really quick, and this is borne out by online adsl speed checks.

  pj123 15:54 23 Oct 2004

click here

There aren't many BB uncapped connections for less than about £25 per month. I am on NTL BB at 750bps which is £24.99 per month. AOL BB Gold looks good. You get Free connection, Free Modem, plus 3 filters all for the magic figure £25. Plus, of course, AOL helplines are free 24 hours a day.

  HIGHLAND GUY 20:47 23 Oct 2004

Thanks to everyone for their input most helpful had a look at central point looks like it's got what i'm looking for many thanks again.

  skidd 02:21 24 Oct 2004

Take a look at V21 - £9.99 for the first 2 months and then £16.99 a month after that. Costs you for activation and a modem but there are no limits. Have used them for years and no probs. Also you are not tied into a 12 month contract - give them 28 days WRITTEN notice and you can escape!!!!

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