broadband help again

  snoopygirl 21:22 22 Oct 2007

hi i am 0n a 20mg broadband but only getting 8 meg i have been on about this before can any one help please

  Clapton is God 21:27 22 Oct 2007

Have you spoken to your ISP?

How do you know you're "only getting 8 meg"?

All BB is only provided as "up to xx Mb"

  snoopygirl 21:30 22 Oct 2007

i havnt spoken to my isp i am with virgin broadband plus i have done a scan

  snoopygirl 21:34 22 Oct 2007

i have done a speed test it is now showing 3649.5kbps this is 4 mg i think

  [email protected] 21:34 22 Oct 2007

unless you live in the exchange you will never get the max. 20 meg? thats huge! im on 8 and get a little over 4, and i live half a mile away! click here test on here, remember if you test now it wont be so good but if you test at 4 in the morning it will be a lot higher.

  Clapton is God 21:36 22 Oct 2007

A scan for what?

If you mean viruses, we've already established that your Avast AV seems to be working OK in your other post.

I suggest you speak to Virgin

  snoopygirl 21:37 22 Oct 2007

adman2 i get 6496 kbps on your speed test

  snoopygirl 21:39 22 Oct 2007

clapton is god i am on about my broadband not avast

  [email protected] 21:40 22 Oct 2007

at this time of day thats kinda what i would expect, if you think you're paying over the odds or are dissatisfied contact isp.

  Clapton is God 21:41 22 Oct 2007

Yes, but in this thread you've told us that you've done a scan.

I've already asked "a scan for what?" - but you've failed to answer my question.

Unfortunately, I'm not a mind reader.

I repeat - a scan for what? What sort of scan?

  snoopygirl 21:42 22 Oct 2007

i will get in touch with my isp whats the best time to check it

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