broadband help

  ROB.R 19:13 14 Apr 2005

my phone is connected to cable network.
can i get broadband with any body else or do i have to stay with cable

  Technotiger 19:30 14 Apr 2005

I assume you are probably on ntl - they do quite good broadband package. Several of my friends have it, with no problems. Though I am on BT.


  Jackcoms 21:08 14 Apr 2005

You don't have to stay with cable, but you DO have to get a 'phone line into your house if you want an ADSL service down a 'phone line.

  pj123 12:47 15 Apr 2005

I am on NTL cable and have 2mb BB for £24.99

The only other ISP that I know of who will offer me BB is AOL and only if I take their Platinum package at £29.99.

All others I have tried say "You have to have a BT line"

  Yoda Knight 12:55 15 Apr 2005

Let me elaborate on what Jackcoms said:

You can only get the cable companies broadband web service through their phone lines. You would have to get a BT line if you wanted to go with anyone else (except those whores at AOL who will go with any one anywhere :) )

  Yoda Knight 12:58 15 Apr 2005

Joking about AOL by the way...

Anyway, AOL would need a BT line to supply the service too. Unless you are just using them for their "wonderfull software" and using a different service provider for the connection to them (Why ???)

  pj123 13:35 15 Apr 2005

I have an AOL dialup connection through my NTL cable phone. The contract runs out next month (May). They keep trying to get me go BB with them but (as above) only for their Platinum service. I do not have to have a BT line.

  Yoda Knight 13:49 15 Apr 2005

for broadband you would have to have a BT line as the cable companies are not going to do the necessary changes to their phone network when they are already able to supply you with broadband through the coaxe cable

  Stuartli 15:25 15 Apr 2005

If you have a look on NTL's Freedom web link, it provides details of other Broadband services available - some of the BB and phone packages offered are actually cheaper or feature unlimited BB compared to NTL..:-)

  pj123 15:53 15 Apr 2005

Sorry, Yoda Knight I am already running a dialup connection on AOL on a cable phone and they will offer me a Broadband connection as my above post.

In fact, I told a lie. I have just rung them and they can offer me their Gold Broadband package on NTL cable, which is up to 1mb no capping for £24.99. But I am already on NTL BB at 2mb for that price (but with a cap of 30gb a month)

So again I don't have to have a BT phone line.

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