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  taipan 17:29 27 Mar 2004

My Grandfather got broadband yesterday and is having major trouble with it.

The modem takes over a minute to get connected then when it does WebPages will not load. When u double click on the connect icon you can check how many bytes are being received etc. It is below 1000. ( I open up one page with my broadband and it has received over 100,000 bytes)

When I phoned the helpline they basically told me a load of rubbish which didn't solve the problem. I asked about a replacement modem because the connection seems really loose (you can move it about and the light will flicker on and off). I have to say their reply made me laugh; first I would have to FORMAT MY HARD DRIVE. Then if the modem still didn't work they would send a replacement.

So does anyone have any ideas on how to solve the problem of the web pages not loading? I have done the obvious deleting cookies etc but it still doesn't work. He is running Windows ME.

  Indigo 1 18:03 27 Mar 2004

First I would recommend getting a replacement, ask your supplier for a RMA number because the modem is faulty if the light keeps going off and on, TELL THEM that it is probably the cause of the problem and you are not satisfied with their lame brush-off.

Second, in order to find the fault we would need some specific information like; Which Operating System he is using, CPU speed, Motherboard, RAM, the make and model of modem and of course which ISP and Broadband package ie. 128K, 150K 256K, 512K etc.

Aida32 from click here will give you this information with a couple of clicks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 27 Mar 2004

Just in case....the modem must be connected to a hardwired socket and not an extension from a hardwired socket.


  [email protected] 18:41 27 Mar 2004

Prob. stating the obvious but ring up and tell them that you have reformatted hard drive, reloaded windows and still doesn't work;)

  taipan 18:57 27 Mar 2004

Yeah Debe that's what I was going to do if all else fails.

He got the modem from Supanet. The company that I spoke to was Zoom the makers of the modem.

I have tried using my phone extension as well as the new cable he received with the modem however it makes no difference.

When I phoned the help line for a 2nd time I got the infamous line "I will get someone to phone you back" surprise surprise no one has.

I will phone them on Monday and demand a new modem.

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