broadband has stopped working in some rooms

  dimercaprol 21:47 09 Feb 2009

I have a broadband connection with ADSL24 and a Netgear (Draft N) modem & router. There are several laptops and desktop in the house. I had the modem connected to a phone socket in my office.
Suddenly one day, the broadband connection was lost. On the modem, the broadband line LED first flashed green intermittently and then turned orange. I thought something had gone wrong either with the line or the modem/router.
However, bizarrely, when I connected it to another socket (closer to the point where the phone line enters the house) it worked fine. The telephone itself is working fine on all the sockets - only the broadband is not working on my office socket.
Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?
Thanks in anticipation.

  mgmcc 22:33 09 Feb 2009

I think you've diagnosed the problem yourself - a fault or general deterioration of the wiring/socket in your office has caused the ADSL connection to fail, although replacing the filter is probably the first thing to try.

  dimercaprol 12:45 11 Feb 2009

I guessed as much - I'm just surprised that the ADSL connection can be lost while the telephone remains intact.
Have you ever experienced this? Do I have to get BT in to get it repaired?
Thanks very much.

  mgmcc 21:09 11 Feb 2009

I don't have ADSL (I'm on Virgin Cable), so I haven't personally experienced the problem, but ADSL is much more sensitive to imperfections in lines and connections than the phone itself. It is often recommended that an ADSL Modem be plugged into the Master socket rather than extension sockets.

As the problem is within the house, getting a BT engineer in will incur exorbitant charges so, if you can resolve the problem yourself by replacing the filter or checking the socket for loose connections etc., then so much the better.

  dimercaprol 17:52 07 Jun 2009

I randomly tried again and it is now working. I used a new ADSL filter (I had tried 2 previously; this was the third). This must have been the problem. Thanks for all your advice.

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