Broadband hardware choices?

  Brazils 11:52 12 Sep 2004

I can get broadband at last!

After much searching I have decided to go with Zen internet. Great customer service ratings.

My problem somes down to hardware choices.

I have a P4 PC, running XP Home, with an ethernet port and USB2. My son plays a lot of Generals Zero Hour online. I have many USB external hardware items attached, including; HD, DVD drive, hub, printer, scanner, card reader. I intend to buy a laptop in the next year, and we have a PS2. Zen offers many hardware choices, but they are dearer than Dabs for the same equipment. They will supply with no hardware. I haven't asked if they would help with any problems with hardware not purchaced from them.


Would a USB modem affect the performance of the other hardware?

What about an ethernet ADSL modem?

Should I just go the whole hog and get a Netgear DG834G wireless Modem/router/firewall?

Any Advice would be really appreciated, I am experienced with PCs, but a complete novice with regards to networks and broadband.

  Jeffers22 12:45 12 Sep 2004

No contest. Go for the netgear DG834G wireless Modem/router/firewall. Good product, good support, easy to install with simple instructions. A USB modem I would avoid like the plague. Too many instances of the SUB socket not pulling enough power to keep the connection open. I would also suggest that if you go for wireless PCMIA for a laptop that you also get a netgear product. All manufacturers products should adhere to a standard and they SHOULD all work, but agin there are too many instances where they just do not talk to each other. Not the same problem with wired NICs in my experience - I use Realtek and onboard with no probs.

  Brazils 13:49 12 Sep 2004

Thanks, I had serious doubts about USB Modems myself. My son seems concerned about the firewall and router and his games?

Anyone else got any views?

  bretsky 15:16 12 Sep 2004

Read this thread click here

bretsky ;0(

  Brazils 17:49 12 Sep 2004

When I did a search for Broadband here it gave me 2 very old posts!

When I did a search or the whole site, it came up with no finds in Helproom or consumer watch!

Now it just comes up with error!

Rather strange eh?

  Brazils 17:50 12 Sep 2004

When I did a search earlier for Broadband here in the helproom gave me 2 very old posts!

When I did a search or the whole site, it came up with no finds in Helproom or consumer watch!

Now it just comes up with error!

Rather strange eh?

  Brazils 18:09 12 Sep 2004


I have read your link and followed up the links contained within the thread. What conclusion did you intend me draw from this thread?

As far as I can tell if I update the firmware, then no problems.

A few people, who may not know a good router from bad, thought it was a bad product. I can draw no conclusion from this.

What do you recommend then?

  Brazils 18:19 12 Sep 2004

Search now working!

  Brazils 08:55 13 Sep 2004

What about the Speedtouch 510 or Netgear 834 instead of the wireless Netgear?

Any views on the D-Link 300T ADSL Ethernet Modem?

As a novice to networks I am finding it hard to choose, and I need to choose before I can order Broadband.

I will be away for a few hours now.

  Smegs 09:20 13 Sep 2004

We have had the Speedtouch USB for about 18mths. No problems what so ever.

  bretsky 13:37 13 Sep 2004

Just letting you know that a few people have had problems with that particular product, that was just a couple sites among many.

Have you looked at this click here

Same as smegs with no problems.

bretsky ;0)

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