broadband gone very very slow

  smh10 10:34 09 Jul 2011

Hi I have a windows7 pc on which i have a wireless bt broadband connect. Suddenly the other morning I found the broadband had gone very very slow indeed. Website wouldn't load ( i tried several different browsers) and emails wouldn't download in windows live mail. Oddly I checked the hub and that was fine. Also the wireless signal icon in the system tray shows the broadband signal being received by the pc is "excellent" 5bars strength. I have a laptop on which i have the same wireless broadband connection and it is working excellently on the laptop. So the hub and signal is fine, and the pc is receiving a strong broadband connection. But still website won't load and email won't download

Can anyone help please?

  smh10 10:38 09 Jul 2011

I ought to add that I have since wiped and rebuilt the pc, with a clean win7 install on it, and when i put the broadband connection back on it it still had the exact same problem

  birdface 10:43 09 Jul 2011

Have you tried Control panel.Troubleshoot and click on Network and Internet and see if that finds any problems.

  birdface 10:45 09 Jul 2011

No doubt you have also tried Device manager to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks beside any of your drivers.

  smh10 11:04 09 Jul 2011

Yep. everything is ok in device manager - latest driver installed

Network and internet connection troubleshooter finds no problems

BT Broadband desktop help won't run and it says there's no internet connection - how flippin useless!

glad i've still got this laptop!

  birdface 11:35 09 Jul 2011

I know very little about wireless connections so will leave that for the experts to advise you.

All I can think of is to try with your firewall switched off just in case it is that which is stopping it. Have you downloaded any new security programs that may be interfering with the connection. Try services and make sure WLAN is switched on.While in there make sure DNS Client is also switched on.

Just some things to try until someone can help.

  northumbria61 11:45 09 Jul 2011

Try resetting your LAN

Start - Run - type in CMD r/click - Run as Administrator Type in - NETSH WINSOCK RESET (with spaces) Press Enter

  smh10 15:00 09 Jul 2011

thanks for your replies

unfortunately none of these ideas have worked

websites still won't load, connection just timesout

emails still don't download

wireless signal is still strong, hub still working fine on this laptop

very odd

any other ideas? ta

  birdface 18:38 09 Jul 2011

Have you tried safe mode with networking to see if it works Ok that way.

or safe mode and System repair.

or Command prompt and type in sfc /scannow.

  Crosstrainer2 18:49 09 Jul 2011

Try this:

Shut down your PC.

Power Off your router for 1 minute (switch it off completely)

Power router back on, and wait for solid DSL light.

Reboot your PC

I'm guessing you have a BT homehub?

Even if not the above still applies!

  Diemmess 11:38 10 Jul 2011

When all else fails as it did for me for nearly a week, about a year ago.

If you can, ask any neighbours or anyone using the same BT exchange and regardless of ISP, ask them if they are having trouble.

A year ago things became so bad connection was below dial-up speed. While trying all the ideas mentioned in this thread including BT and having an engineer call (after the system recovered). all was well again.

It seems since most of our village was affected that there was work going on in a larger exchange which feeds the local one. The BT engineer was tight lipped, but each authority seems to work with a different part of the system and Open Reach doesn't speak to BT or anyone else! Try BT and you speak to India and that can summon an engineer, but no authority seems to have a complete help service or much clue outside their own sphere.

Take heart, the problem if others are involved will clear.

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