Broadband and Firewall?

  cara 23:39 02 Oct 2003

I would like to buy a gift for my nephew who is getting broadband. Am I correct in assuming it is essential to have a firewall (?) if you have broadband?

If so, what exactly is this and in what form? Can anyone give me an idea on cost and which one to get?

Thank you in advance.

  soy 00:00 03 Oct 2003

Hi Cara,

a firewall is a gatekeeper that stands between your PC and the outside world (internet). Anything that goes in or out of your PC must go through this gatekeeper. The gatekeeper will block anything that tries to attack your PC i.e Hackers, bio scans or anything that wants to gain access. The gatekeeper will also block anything that is already in your PC from gaining access out. There may be spyware already on your harddrive collecting private details about you, so you wouldn't want it to leak out. The firewall will ask you if you want to let it out or not.

Things like internet explorer, browsers and automatic updates will need to access the internet so you will need to tell the firewall that these are ok. Simply a case of clicking a button.

Firewalls can be bought as part of a security package or standalone. There are also free firewalls available which work just as well as the paid for versions. I would recommend getting any of the free ones. Zonealarm or sygate would be my choice! All of the free firewalls are available to download.

Paid for firewalls: PCworld: click here

Free firewalls:

Agnitum Outpost: click here

Sygate personal firewall: click here

Zonelabs Zonealarm: click here

Kerio firewall: click here

  Forum Editor 00:01 03 Oct 2003

If you're running a big corporate network server you'll have a hardware firewall, and some of them cost a small fortune.

Home users don't need anything like that however, they run software firewalls, and your nephew can download an excellent one called Outpost from
click here

I'm afraid I can't come up with an alternative gift idea - I'm hopeless at that, as my wife will confirm.

  jimv7 00:03 03 Oct 2003

As soy has stated, sygate firewall which is free, and appears to be 1 of the best.

  hugh-265156 00:08 03 Oct 2003

what about a nice keyboard and/or mouse.

quite inexpensive.

  cara 00:21 03 Oct 2003

Thanks for your replies.

It seems one of those odd situations where being able to obtain something for free is almost a nuisance - I now need a gift idea!!

I will look into the idea of keyboard/mouse though. Oh, and I will pass on your advice.


  DieSse 00:28 03 Oct 2003

Broadband - WebCam - only really practical with broad band.

Or a nice quality headset for ip telephoning.

  keenan 00:38 03 Oct 2003

Yes- it is essential to have a firewall,wether your using dial-up or Broadband and an anti-virus program.
Here are some excellent 'freeware' programs you can download.Anti-virus:
.click here
firewall:click here

If you prefer you can also buy 'Norton anti-virus and personal firewall as a bundle from click here

This might be your preferred option as it comes in a box-so you can rap it!and automatically updates itself for 12 months from purchase.
an'automatic update'for 12 months.

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