Broadband please!

  realist 18:45 15 Apr 2006

Having decided I can no longer put up with the hell that is AOL dial-up version 9.0, I have signed up for the hell that is AOL broadband version 9.0

Advice requested please on installing filters:

I have:

(a)the BT master socket in one room into which is plugged:

(b)the standard SKY adapter/socket doubler into which is plugged:

(c)the pc's extension line's socket doubler into which is plugged:

(d)the phone line.

....the pc's extension line ends in an adjoining room with a wall socket(e)into which modem is plugged.

So do I have to put a filter at each of points (a),(b),(c),(d), and the pc's wall socket (e)?

Thanks in advance.....and ,as ever, please excuse ignorance!

  johnnyrocker 18:52 15 Apr 2006

filter goes straight into wall socket all others piggy back after that pc plugs into adsl side of filter.


  rdave13 18:54 15 Apr 2006

Put the filter in to split phone and modem. No more than one filter. Suggest (c).

  realist 18:58 15 Apr 2006

so just one filter (in BT master socket) then, I guess, and I won't need a filter in pc modem wall socket in the other room...cheers johnnyrocker!

  SB23 18:59 15 Apr 2006

I'm on Aol Silver. When the line comes into the house to a socket, I've got a doubler, into which, is a filter, from which the base of my home phone is connected. The lead from the doubler goes approx 8 metres upstairs to another socket I put in, to which I have another filter, the modem connects to this through a surge protector. Glad to say no problems.
The instructions will tell you to put a filter wherever anything is connected to a line.

  realist 19:00 15 Apr 2006

sorry just seen Rdave13's reply.......ok just one filter at point (c)

Many thanks to all

  [DELETED] 19:39 15 Apr 2006

You definately need a filter at (c) -- the phone will then be plugged into the "phone" output of the filter, and your DSL modem will plug into the "DSL" output of the filter. Sounds like it will then need a DSL extension cable, instead of a regular telephone extension cable, to get to your PC.

I'm not familiar with a Sky setup, but I believe you'll also need a filter on your Sky outlet at (b) -- at that location nothing is plugged into the "DSL" output of the filter.

  realist 19:58 15 Apr 2006

SB23 is your extension a regular phone ext lead or a dsl cable?

  [DELETED] 20:42 15 Apr 2006

I spent hours trying to set up a broadband system for a lady and eventually resorted to ringing BT, they did a few tests, ( lucky I knew the engineer) and the problem was Sky. The lady never mentioned she had Sky or a line into it. I put a filter next to the Sky box and at last she was on line.
AO Hell may be different, they tend to rule the roost once installed.

  [DELETED] 20:59 15 Apr 2006

why not get one of these click here I have one and it is brilliant, wiring details can be seen here click here

  realist 22:16 15 Apr 2006

Cheers phono.....noted!

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