Broadband please!

  realist 18:45 15 Apr 2006

Having decided I can no longer put up with the hell that is AOL dial-up version 9.0, I have signed up for the hell that is AOL broadband version 9.0

Advice requested please on installing filters:

I have:

(a)the BT master socket in one room into which is plugged:

(b)the standard SKY adapter/socket doubler into which is plugged:

(c)the pc's extension line's socket doubler into which is plugged:

(d)the phone line.

....the pc's extension line ends in an adjoining room with a wall socket(e)into which modem is plugged.

So do I have to put a filter at each of points (a),(b),(c),(d), and the pc's wall socket (e)?

Thanks in advance.....and ,as ever, please excuse ignorance!

  johnnyrocker 18:52 15 Apr 2006

filter goes straight into wall socket all others piggy back after that pc plugs into adsl side of filter.


  [DELETED] 18:54 15 Apr 2006

Put the filter in to split phone and modem. No more than one filter. Suggest (c).

  realist 18:58 15 Apr 2006

so just one filter (in BT master socket) then, I guess, and I won't need a filter in pc modem wall socket in the other room...cheers johnnyrocker!

  SB23 18:59 15 Apr 2006

I'm on Aol Silver. When the line comes into the house to a socket, I've got a doubler, into which, is a filter, from which the base of my home phone is connected. The lead from the doubler goes approx 8 metres upstairs to another socket I put in, to which I have another filter, the modem connects to this through a surge protector. Glad to say no problems.
The instructions will tell you to put a filter wherever anything is connected to a line.

  realist 19:00 15 Apr 2006

sorry just seen Rdave13's reply.......ok just one filter at point (c)

Many thanks to all

  realist 19:58 15 Apr 2006

SB23 is your extension a regular phone ext lead or a dsl cable?

  realist 22:16 15 Apr 2006

Cheers phono.....noted!

  realist 19:29 27 Apr 2006

Pursuant to this post and advice received, I asked BT to install a pre-filtered master socket.....they don't seem to know what they are. Anyone actually had BT in to do one of these?

  Stuartli 19:42 27 Apr 2006

You could use an ADSL-NTEFACE faceplace splitter on the BT Master Socket. See:

click here

  realist 20:12 27 Apr 2006

Thanks for that Stuartli

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