Broadband filters

  staples printer cartridge 11:47 03 Mar 2004

Does anyone know if a line which has not got broadband enabled cna use the phone filters to use modem and phone line at the same time?

  johnnyrocker 11:52 03 Mar 2004

i doubt it because one will take precedence overr the other.


  Djohn 12:01 03 Mar 2004

I don't think that will work. Nice if it would! ;o)

Voice and 56k modem both use the analog signal of your phone-line where ADSL [Broadband] uses the digital signal of your phone-line. j.

  staples printer cartridge 19:13 03 Mar 2004

Thanks, for the response and the reason behind it.

  Gongoozler 19:27 03 Mar 2004

The normal telephone signal is in the frequency range 300Hz to 4kHz. The adsl signal is in the range 30kHz to 1.104MHz. The function of the broadband filter is to separate these two frequence ranges. Because the dial-up modem uses signals in or near the audible range it can't be separated from the voice function by a filter.

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