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  Narrowband 11:51 13 May 2004

I'm just trying to get started with Freeserve's basic £17.99 pm. broadband. It is installed and the account activated but the technical support think I might need a Fujitsu broadband filter, rather than the Speedtouch ASDL filter they supply, since I have BT cordless phones. (When I asked why they didn't supply this type instead, since many people have cordless phones, he said they didn't see it as a crucial issue, or something like that). When I plug in a phone with a cord, sure enough, the second flashing green light stays steady. So, can anyone tell me, from experience, please, will that do the trick? Or could there be any other problem to consider? Does it have to be this particular make and where I can get one, preferably online, since, because of a medical condition, I am not too mobile.

  byfordr 11:54 13 May 2004

click here Use these as standard (including portable phones, both BT analogue and DECT) without problem. Cheap enough to try, you can get 6 for the cost of a filter from most places.


  Graham ® 11:56 13 May 2004

Broadband filters are the gizmos that plug into the phone socket, with oulets for a phone and a broadband 'modem'.

click here

  TBH1 11:58 13 May 2004

Narrowband - gonna change your nick-name now, mate ? :)

  Graham ® 12:07 13 May 2004

Sorry, thought you were confusing filters and modems. So the modem only synchs up (led on steady) when you plug in a corded phone. What happens if there is nothing plugged in except the modem?

  Djohn 12:14 13 May 2004

I wouldn't have thought it Should make any difference as to the type of phone you have as long as it's connected correctly. I too have a cordless phone which is also a digital one and use the standard supplied filter. j.

  Graham ® 12:32 13 May 2004

Panasonic cordless phones are a known problem, apparently. The frequency at which they operate is close to the ADSL frequency, so a shielded/active filter is required.

Freeserve have obviously looked in to this. Trying to find a supplier ...

  Graham ® 12:45 13 May 2004

ADSL-Filters can supply with free delivery:

click here

  Narrowband 13:46 13 May 2004

Thanks for all your help, gratefully received, whih has raised some interesting questions that need some answers before a decision can be confidently made: Why doesn't mine work with my basic BT 1100 pair cordless phones, when djohn has no problem with his digital cordless phone? Does it suggest something else wrong? If I bought the Fujitsu that tech. support recommended and Graham kindly directs me to, will that be the problem sorted? And, if byforddr knows that the ebuyer ASDL splitter/micro filter does it for £1.47, why don't Feeserve and supply them with the kit? You have given this narrow-minded man too many choices to plump for a decision.

  Graham ® 14:02 13 May 2004

ADSL-filters will give you your money back if not satisfied. As I said, if Freeserve are recommending Fujitsu, we must assume they've done their homework.

Not all filters are the same, see this site:

click here

Can you logon to broadband?

  the pie eater 15:14 13 May 2004

i have the same phones as yourself cordless with broadband and have no problems

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