Broadband Faxing

  dogbreath1 17:06 17 Jun 2006

The problems of sending faxes from a PC via a broadband connection have been discussed on here before. The various web based services have also been referred to.

My query...I have an XP PC connected to a Hewlett Packard hp psc 2210 all-in-one printer with fax facility.

Are any of you guys aware of a method of generating a PC based fax document and using an all-in-one machine to effect the fax transmission? Idle curiosity really, but it would be a useful feature if possible.

  dogbreath1 10:06 18 Jun 2006

My all in one printer sends faxes presumably using a dial up modem via my adsl connection.

So, is there any reason why a PC running XP and connecting to broadband via a router, cannot concurrently have installed and use a dial up modem for sending faxes??

  Forum Editor 11:05 18 Jun 2006

but be careful.

If you inadvertantly downloaded a dialer you could find that your dial-up modem was secretly connecting you to a premium rate number. For that reason it's a good idea to disconnect the phone line from the modem after each fax transmission.

  dogbreath1 11:20 18 Jun 2006

Thanks for that, FE. My current PC was built without a dialup modem coz I thought that I wouldn't need one. Although I'm not going to install one, my next PC will include one.

At least I had the sense to include a floppy's so easy to think that you don't need one, but for the cost, it would be silly to exclude it.

Cheers. db.

  dogbreath1 11:21 18 Jun 2006

Oh, and point taken about dialers.

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