broadband faxing

  stss 15:06 21 May 2004

anyone know how to use faxing service in xp with a broadband connection or do you have to have a dial up modem.

  Gemma 15:37 21 May 2004

What sort of broadband? Cable or ADSL?

  computernerdiamnot 15:42 21 May 2004

Most computers have a built in modem, all you have to do with broadband is to connect your computers modem to the phoneline socket in the filter. Then just use winfax if you dont have any fax software.

  computernerdiamnot 15:44 21 May 2004

Just to make it clear your 56k modem and not your BB modem.

  jon2 15:46 21 May 2004

you can get software for sending fax's via email, I find this okay

  exit 15:54 21 May 2004

i have the same problem i disabled my dialup after migrating to ADSL,

this was mainly because of extra cost keeping up two accounts or pasyg

i also had a bad time when a rogue dialer installed itself,
found it after 40 mins but cost me 40 squid and some ear ache from the beloved,:(

i tried to install win fax pro to find no good with bb,:(

so where do we go from here,


  exit 15:55 21 May 2004

just to mention i would prefer one off payment for the prog not everytime you send a fax:(

  Graham ® 15:59 21 May 2004

You can send a fax using click here, text only.

  spuds 23:15 21 May 2004

BB not suitable for faxing..Dial-Up OK.. If you are using XP Home, then check here click here

  spuds 23:19 21 May 2004

Correction: Above should have stated XP Home and XP Professional. Hidden fax facility within XP.

  exit 09:50 22 May 2004

no good m8 only going to use bb so looks like some sort of email method,

thanks graham will take a look,


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