BroadBand Extention Cable

  woodchip 19:46 25 Mar 2005

What plug does the BB modem have that plugs into BT master socket Filter. Also does anybody know what the connection is at both ends of a Extension, as I have been reading that BB only needs a very thin wire to work OK. The reason being that my computers are upstairs about 80ft away from main socket, but already got a cabel that as about 5 or 6 wires and only using two for the Dial-Up modem and telephone. So was wanting to us this rather than lay extra cable just by fitting a plug on each end for modem. Been searching Google but cannot find anything. I am more than likely putting wrong search words in

  sidecar sid 19:57 25 Mar 2005

Pretty sure it will be an RJ11 cable.Not sure if you can get plugs to make up your own extension however if you have to lay extra cable try here.

click here

  Graham ® 20:03 25 Mar 2005

Taking the plunge, then! Your existing telephone extension cable and socket should be fine for broadband.

It will carry broadband and telephone on the same pair of wires as you are using now. Plug a filter in at the upstairs end to separate them.

You will also need a filter for the downstairs phone.

If the cable to the upstairs extension plugs in downstairs, special care is needed.

  Diemmess 20:04 25 Mar 2005

The cable in the ready made outfits is described as RJ11. It LOOKS the same as a standard American type dialup connector

As to what juggling goes on with the conductors to which pin at each end you will have to hope someone knows the pin-out diagram for this connection.

Overall it seems a sensible way to do it, good luck.

  woodchip 20:04 25 Mar 2005

thank's for link they just look like Ethernet Plugs

  Jak_1 20:05 25 Mar 2005

Standard telephone extention cable is not good enough, I've been down that road myself. Sidecar Sid has put you on the right track, proper cable is what is required.

I was fortunate to work with BT engineers who sorted my problem out with some decent cable.

The problem with the wrong cable is that the signal does not get through to the modem properly and so fails to conect.

  jimmer409® 20:23 25 Mar 2005

think about going wireless, kit now pretty cheap and it sure cuts down on the cable hassle

  woodchip 20:30 25 Mar 2005

It is a NTL package, £24.99 512mb no cap free land line calls at any time international package I suppose cheaper calls but don't need that 55mb web space free startup kit including a free webbcam modem etc

  woodchip 20:32 25 Mar 2005

PS it's only £10 a month dearer than I am already paying to NTL for a 24/7 Dial-Up with £15 calls

  woodchip 20:33 25 Mar 2005

I have two Desktops and a Laptop one Desktop Win98se others XP Home

  Mr Beeline 20:38 25 Mar 2005

Opinions appear to differ on this subject... But be prepared that running a standard type telephone extension cable from your master socket to your PC and then plugging your ADSL modem into it (via a filter of course) will either not work, or over the distance you mention, the signal may degrade to an extent that you end up with a poor connection (IE. line drops etc.).

Depends as well on what quality of signal you have coming into your master socket to start with and how far you are from your exchange. Also the higher speed connections (IE. 1Mbps and above) can be more problematic, then say a 512Kbps.

Much better (and more secure), to install an ADSL modem/router (usually come with a standard hardware firewall) at the master socket and run a decent high quality network cable up to the other room (this would be an RJ45 cat5 cable).

Though having said all the above, I have heard of people using decent length telephone extension cables and getting away with it. Though must admit 80ft may be pushing it.

Cables etc. can be bought by the m at a number of O/L outlets (EG. click here).

Good luck and be very interested to hear how you get on.

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