Broadband - extension cables?

  BLUELEN 22:20 10 Dec 2003

I have just signed up with Freeserve and waited patiently for the ADSL light on the modem to stop flashing. Technical support at Freeserve tell me that the phone line is now enabled but I might have connection problems due to the fact that the computer is connected via an extension socket not the main one . They suggested getting a RJ11 cable from Dixons, Pc world etc which might help.Has anyone else had such problems and can it be solved or am I wasting my time and have to go for Cable not ADSL instead. Any advice wuold be much appreciated.(thought RJ11 was just the connection piece not a cable) Bluelen

  ©®@$? 22:30 10 Dec 2003

what they mean is run the rj11 modem cable from the adsl modem to the phone socket, so you are not actualy going through an extension..i have it that way without a problem, but i know someone who is running through an extension and they don't have a problem either

so sorry cannot help, but it is worth a try.i got a 15 metre rj11 cable for £4 from a local pc shop

  Switcher 22:32 10 Dec 2003

I suggest that Freeserve are wrong.

It should make no difference which socket you are connected to. Mine is connected to an extension socket and works fine.

However as a test you could always try an extension lead.

  madPentium 22:35 10 Dec 2003

It should work through an extension socket. Is your telephone bt? if so, get them to check the wiring. This is probably a silly question, but I assume you have first plugged the filter into the extension phone socket?

  Mev 02:11 11 Dec 2003

The ADSL signal does not travel as well as an anologue (56K) signal. If you want to send it down a long extension the ADSL signal might degrade especially if its a poor quality extension cable. Freeserve would recomend a new extension from Dixons or PC World because they're all the same company, but the extension cables they sell there are low quality and over priced (i should know, i used to work there). If your PC is quite far from the socket like mine then go to maplins or any electrical store and buy some phone cable. It's cheap, they sell you the ammount you want (and the fixings) and they sell good quality (i.e. not made from aluminium) cable. My PC is about 40m from the socket and the connection is fine.

  Djohn 02:32 11 Dec 2003

BLUELEN, I notice in your post you say "Extension socket" if this is one that is fixed to the wall and wired internal from the main phone socket, then there may be a problem with the way it is wired.

To check your connection, it's best to connect to the main socket in the house. Disconnect all phones and Sky-TV phone line if you have one.

Plug the filter into the wall socket then your modem into the ASDL side of the filter and the other end into your modem. Everything should now work fine. By a process of elimination you can then find where the fault is.

You can use an ordinary phone extension cable to the wall socket with a converter to the modem, but better to have less connections by buying good quality CAT5 crossover cable, [Crossover is just the name for the type of cable] and is the same as your modem or phone-line cable.

Maplins made up a 15 metre one for me but I think they have stopped making them up on site now. Buy the cable and 2 RJ11 connectors. [RJ11 are the small connectors that fit the modem and the ASDL side of the filter.

Get the clear type of connector if you can, then you can see how to make the connections. If you lay the connectors down next to each other, you want the black wire on the left and the red wire on the right on one of the connectors, and the other way round for the second connector. [Crossover]. Much easier to do than to explain. Good luck I'm sure it will work fine for you.

  Djohn 02:36 11 Dec 2003

If you look at the modem lead you now have, then look underneath the connectors placed side by side and you will see what I mean, also you will see which position to place the wires in. j.

  BlueMeanie 21:10 12 Dec 2003

To see if your extension socket is at fault, simply move your PC set up to near the master phone socket and see if the modem is now functioning. If it is now OK, it proves that the secondly socket is faulty.

It's not unknown for extension wiring to be faulty even if a telephone works OK !

  BLUELEN 22:30 12 Dec 2003

Thanks for all the responses to my query, they have been most helpful. I am still trying to get connected as I am having great difficulty getting a rj11 modem cable of 15m. My main socket is in the hall and the computer is in the dining room, so running the cabl is quite long. I was thinking of getting 2 7.5m cables and a connector from but the cat5 crossover cable seems like a better option as I presume the less connections the better the service.
Thanks again for all your help

  Perks 22:41 12 Dec 2003

I have a freeserve adsl modem installed with no problems. Are you sure you have the filters installed. There should be one for each device you use i.e. the modem and every telephone on the same line, although one telephone could share the filter to your modem.

  BLUELEN 22:53 12 Dec 2003

Yes I have installed both filters, one in the main socket and the other in the extension. The extension lead and socket may be faulty, it was something I fitted many moons ago! I've just had a thought , I have another cable somewhere so I could use that as a test. I presume when you say you have no problems, that you are connected through an extension lead.

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