Broadband Email, Changing email addresses

  PhiltheFragger 18:34 09 Apr 2003

say that I have a BT openworld broadband with a BT email address and I want another Email address from say, freeserve but I don't have a freeserve account, how do I go about it?

  PhiltheFragger 19:19 09 Apr 2003

up to the top

  Andrew P 19:22 09 Apr 2003

click here, and sign up for their 'no-ties' package. you will automatically get a freeserve email address aswell. it may not be possible to send email from this address on your bt connection though, although you can still use freeserve's webmail to send and receive mail - it's at the top of the freeserve page, just go to the address above.

  Eagie 19:30 09 Apr 2003

If you do get a freeserve no ties account it will only remain active for 90 days as you have to access it by dialling up to keep it up and running(not just by checking your e-mail). You will be able to re-instate it though but it means you'll have to do this every three months or so.

This is what Freeserve told me when I asked if it was possible to change my freeserve broadband e-mail address and they advised me to sign up for a no ties account.

  crx16 19:37 09 Apr 2003

"even if you're not a Freeserve member, FSmail offers a range of features that make it the best web-based email solution"

"Please note: FSmail accounts remain active if you log in at least once every 90 days. If you do not log in to FSmail at least once during any 90-day period then the account will expire and be deleted"

"To get a free FSmail account just click on the Register button!"click here

  accord 20:14 09 Apr 2003

quick question.... why do you have to use freeserve, why not use yahoo whih is a web based email account and its free. click here

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