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  buddiebuoy 16:45 27 Nov 2003

I realise this has been raised in the past, but I have changed from Freeserve Anytime to Demon ADSL. I still use the Freeserve email address through Outlook Express and I can receive emails without any problem. However, I can't send emails unless I go in through the Freeserve site. I know I can easily change to another email provider, but I am not too keen my email address at the moment.

  AndyJ 17:03 27 Nov 2003

Unfortunately you will not be able to send Freeserve mail out, as you rightly say, but you will be able to receive it. You'll only be able to send Demon mail. No way round it (as far as I know...I'll be glad to be proved wrong)

If you were so set to stay with your Freeserve email - it has to be asked - why didn't you elect to go for Freeserve Broadband??

  buddiebuoy 22:07 27 Nov 2003

The reason I stuck with Freeserve email address is that I get a lot of contacts on a 3rd party basis - so if I sent out a new email address the 3rd parties would not receive it and I could lose some business. The reason I changed to Demon is that I wasn't that impressed by Freeserve and had dropped Anytime almost 6 months ago.

  ton 22:27 27 Nov 2003

Has Freeserve got webmail? (if you don't know look on their webpages).

If it has you may be able to send and receive with that, useing your Freeserve address.

I use AOL and wanted to do the same as you useing my Tiscali email address.
I found that if I went to the Tiscali webmail page I could send and receive.

It might work for you.

  buddiebuoy 23:07 27 Nov 2003

Thanks ton, i can send email using Freeserve webmail, it would just be a lot easier if I could use Outlook

  ton 23:28 27 Nov 2003


I tried to find a way to configure Outlook Express to use Tiscali webmail, but no joy.
I agree with you, it would be easier.

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