Broadband e-mail problems (but none with webmail)

  [DELETED] 21:41 04 Oct 2003

After upgrading to Broadband I can no longer mail from netscape 7.0 or IE6.0 Broadband tech support suggested uninstalling and re-installing Norton Internet security, but it's made no difference.
Any ideas please? What baffles me is that I can send mail via, which I assume implies the problem lies with my email setup?

Thanks in advancew for any ideas.


  LastChip 22:40 04 Oct 2003

When you say you upgraded to broadband, is it the same ISP, or someone different?

You need to check the required server addresses for your new provider. You can only send e-mail via your own ISP, although you can receive from anyone.

So for example, if your old provider required the (fictitious) address;

But your new provider requires;

you can see how you would have a problem.

It is also possible, that even though you may have stayed with the same ISP, the fact you have changed to broadband, requires a fresh address.

  [DELETED] 23:41 04 Oct 2003

Thanks Lastchip,

To clarify, I've changed (my main) ISP to Virgin Broadband, stopped using Freeserve dial up, but kept my subscription to Which. I can mail to my Which email address, but not my Virgin one, or many others.

Hope that makes sense. Any ideas please?

  LastChip 00:53 05 Oct 2003

If you follow this link click here it will tell exactly how to setup your Virgin e-mail account.

Now, to make your Freeserve account work, open Outlook Express and click on Tools; Accounts; Mail (tab); and highlight your Freeserve account, select Properties; Servers; and in the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) box, change the address to;

Click Apply; OK; and close the box.

Leave the Incoming mail address alone!

You should now be able to send and receive via your Freeserve address.

You can use this method for any other e-mail addresses you may have, but in each case, only change the OUTGOING address.

  LastChip 00:56 05 Oct 2003

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