Broadband drops when telephone lifted.

  djsew 23:16 11 Nov 2010

My 3Com broadband 11g wireless router has worked OK for 5+ years but this last week it 'drops out' when any one of our 3 phones is 'unhooked' on receiving call or making one. Am close to tel exchange - 400m. Previous drop outs have occurred in bad weather, high wind, rain etc.
Have checked cabling & swopped/renewed line filters with no effect. Is it a router problem?

  Graham. 23:41 11 Nov 2010

See if this helps click here

  peugeot man 06:51 12 Nov 2010

2 possible causes, firstly if nothing in your house has changed then 0ne of your ADSL filters may have failed.

Secondly check that all equipment including Sky box etc are connected through a ADSL filter. I had a similar problem some time ago following a Sky box upgrade and the installer had omitted the filter.

Either of these can cause noise on the line which can cause BB to drop out.

  djsew 09:03 12 Nov 2010

Thanks Graham anf PeugeotMan, I'll follow up your suggestions.

  Nontek 09:12 12 Nov 2010

You could also check whether your settings in IE have somehow undergone a change -i.e. make sure that "Never dial a connection is still ticked" ...

  jack 09:20 12 Nov 2010

Then suspect an external problem cable from pole to house breakdown- contact your supplier - I understand that also BT[through their 'Open Reach' subsidiary] they will not deal with you unless you are a BT customer - you have go the hoops of your service provider- who in turn deal with Open Reach as a supplier.
Unless of course your are cable- then its Virgin

  KDW 10:42 12 Nov 2010

You could possibly be experiencing interference from an answer machine, if you're using BT; the 1571 service alters the standard dial tone and can occasionally cause interference on the line

  woodchip 11:56 12 Nov 2010

If you have call waiting this may be doing it, One of the services of your ISP is what is the problem

  robin_x 13:38 12 Nov 2010

If you have a mind, also check all your extensions wiring. Ringing wire is no longer needed.

I don't believe it is the cause of your problem, but it may be a good time to check.

click here

Also implicated in speed problems.

  robin_x 13:41 12 Nov 2010

And disconnect Orange/White at master (Pin 3) not just extensions.

  Poitier 15:00 12 Nov 2010

I had the same problem 2yrs ago. In my case it was caused by a problem with the connection (verdigris) in the green extention box round the corner.

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