broadband dropping out all the time

  jimliga 17:57 30 Nov 2014

Ok so here goes nothing....

This is my third attempt to resolve this issue but for some reason all the sky employees on the community forum keep ignoring my questions!

My problem is as follows...

My internet is new but testing is complete and apparently the line is good BUT it isn't...

The signal keeps dropping giving me speeds of 1-2mb and a ping of 500-1200, at it's best the speed is 9.6mb and 29 ping. this drops out maybe 10 times a day and strangely starts working again after resetting the router but shortly presists there after.. I wouldn't mind if i could still use the internet at a slow rate but this isn't the case because it actually cuts out all together because i see on the router than the internet stopped and restarted.

Things I have done..

  • Followed all troubleshooting solutions
  • checked different feqencies of the router
  • tried connection via ethernet (still does the same)
  • checked the main plug to see if anything was causing the trouble but is a single line.
  • plug the cable into the technicians port in the master plug but no change..

Router stats Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collision Pkts Tx b/s Rx b/s Up Time WAN PPPoA 5168921 2911255 0 1128471 82512 10:58:01 LAN Down 0 0 0 0 0 00:00:00 WLAN Up 4119959 6249028 0 505223 1259668 13:22:53 Broadband Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 11589 kbps 1213 kbps Line Attenuation 33.0 dB 20.0 dB Noise Margin 6.1 dB 6.6 dB

I have tried everything I can think of and I know it must be the line or the router because it is the same on all devices in my house but the router is new? so must be the line right?

Please help!

  onthelimit1 19:08 30 Nov 2014

I'm sure your problem is a fault on the line. Sky will try to avoid escalating it because they have to pay BT to investigate. Have you tried a quiet line test (17070 option 2). If there is any noise on that test it confirms the fault.

  onthelimit1 19:09 30 Nov 2014

Should have said, plug a corded phone into the master socket test point for that check, just to eliminate house extension wiring.

  rdave13 19:37 30 Nov 2014

Tell Sky that their service isn't up to the contract as they cannot supply a steady internet service. Ofcom can check back at how the service was supplied if they're awkward. Link.

Check out other ISPs, select the one you want to change to and don't take Sky's waffle. You're not getting the service and they are not honouring the contract so ask for a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) to transfer to another ISP.

Maybe another ISP will take the trouble to solve the problems you have, or that the exchange (green box) has.

1]: [click here

  jimliga 19:49 30 Nov 2014

I don't have a phone to test it, well not one i can find... do you think my best bet is to find one?

I was going to give them to the end of this week before i leave as im still under a 30 day walk away period.

I'm gonna get a phone and see what happens but what is it i'm listening for?

Thanks guys!

  rdave13 19:55 30 Nov 2014

No crackling or loud hissing. A quiet line.

  jimliga 02:55 01 Dec 2014

I will try to find out tomorrow =) #

Just had this reply for another forum "The hint on these diagnoses is the Tx b/s throughput, that's the upstream bandwidth is maxing out regularly. The snapshot of your router statistics shows this fact, this will effect speed performance and pings in both directions.. Are you running servers on your connection, if so you need to either restrict their bandwidth upstream or upgrade your broadband connection to fibre so it can handle the additional upstream bandwidth requirements."

I'm not running anything except my pc, tablet and iphone? Just 2 mins ago it cut out again and I seen the routers internet indicator light was orange which means it's trying to connect to the internet and in a few minutes everything was fine again..

  BillSers 12:01 01 Dec 2014

It won't do any harm: click here

  SparkyJack 12:23 01 Dec 2014

BT Infinity Momentary drop outs last night and this morning

HH5 router looks good (blue light) but reset anyway.

My cononclusion black Friday/Cyber monday--ntwork overload.

  jimliga 16:12 01 Dec 2014

Billsers, it's not just on my pc, as i said its the connection because the internet actually drops out and this is evident because the router resets itself.

I'm just on broadband Sparky

Hopefully tonight i will have a phone to try and also another router to see if that is the problem, i know it isn't the frequency.


  SparkyJack 16:25 01 Dec 2014

Jim IGA just to claryfy

You say broad band The network is broadband / broadband is the nedwork no matter which device you use to connect. It just plain saturated from tine to tinme

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