Broadband dropping out

  briancooke 16:44 30 Apr 2006

I have broadband but from time to time it drops out. Could this because its on a long telephone extension cable? If so what is the maximum length that should be used?

  Starfox 16:51 30 Apr 2006

I am on BT Yahoo an have been having lots of problems with my connection recently.

  yaesu 18:26 30 Apr 2006

I'm on BT and have no probs. Several have reported variable service whilst upgrades to adsl max are taking place. regards, yaesu

  Stuartli 20:11 30 Apr 2006

Use an equivalent ADSL data cable instead direct from the Master Socket to the modem (splitter used for the main phone cable and the ADSL cable at the socket).

I use a quality 10m ADSL cable and get the full speed - the cable was £7.59.

  Steve M 20:50 30 Apr 2006

There are a number of things you can eliminate that might be causing drops in connection...

With just the phone plugged in,do you have any noise on the line?

If you have a SKY box,make sure it's filtered

Try to connect at the master socket with all non-bt wiring and apparatus disconnected-check if you have a'splittable' socket and connect at the test socket visible after you have removed the lower half of the faceplate ..

Do the 'drops'coincide with any 'timed'electrical equipment-central heating,street lighting etc

Try swapping your microfilters around-only connect 1 at a time (no other phones etc plugged in)

Hope this helps

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