Broadband Download speeds

  trevpearson 21:10 06 Jun 2005

I've just updated to 2mb Broadband from 512k (provided by Onetel).

I expected impressive download speeds, but I'm finding that my download speeds are slower using 2mb than 512k and only twice as fast as my old 56k connection.

I appreciate that sites may be busy and the Net getting more and more popular, but I'm getting downloads at 8 or 9 kb/secs.

I'm using a Speedtouch modem, Zonealarm firewall, the telephone exchange is 500 yards away, the telephone line was fitted 3 years ago.

Any ideas?

  tonyx1302 22:40 06 Jun 2005

You are not going to believe this but your scenario is the exact copy of mine ! I am also on Onetel with 2Mb,same modem and firewall and my exchange is just 500 yards away and my speeds since upgrading two weeks ago are abysmal. I spent all last week emailing their tech help dept and completing speedtests, tracers and even more speedtests on sites nominated by them. All a waste of time. The tests all show that my speeds are between 30/50% down on what they should be but they couldn't care less. They say that have tested my line through BT and there isn't a fault and the speeds I am getting ( anywhere between 960--1250 Kbps. I should be getting 1850Kbps) are average for 2Mb. I am fed up with talking to a call centre in India and getting no help what so ever. I have spent hours on the phone and sent in excess of 12 emails to them asking for a better service and have got nowhere so today I have resulted to faxing them, as no one at the call centre had the authority, asking for someone to have the courtesy to ring me as I wish to cancel my connection. Needless to say. No call. I have been a customer of Onetel for over three years and I am fuming at there take it or leave it attitude.

  westwit 23:44 06 Jun 2005

Try Freedom to Surf ( I have a 1Mbps connection with them (old line, so the best I can have) for only £14.99 per month, and the speeds are fine. I average actual speeds of 930 Kbps downstream and 246 Kbps upstream on this speed test site click here

The f2s support staff are friendly and helpful and they aren't in India!

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