Broadband download speed tests

  geeza 16:37 13 Oct 2005

I would like your comments on download speeds that I have tested after complaints to my provider. These were tests over 2 days at various times. Would you say that these were good or not.

11th October 2005

0834 669.40kbps
1241 345.00kbps
1539 1.30Mbps
1724 378.60kbps
1800 965.50kbps
2228 273.10kbps

12th October 2005
0950 1.21Mbps
1211 1.78Mbps
1500 994.90kbps
1724 1.04Mbps
1921 376.50kbps
2059 1013.10kbps

  pj123 16:47 13 Oct 2005

Well it would depend on who your BB provider is and at what speed you think you are paying for.

None of which you have supplied.

  geeza 16:50 13 Oct 2005

PJ123 sorry bout that, I am paying for a 2Mbps service with homecall (caudwell communications)

  pj123 16:59 13 Oct 2005

Caudwell Communications. Oops. Sorry, but I can't comment on this anymore.

  geeza 17:06 13 Oct 2005

what do mean by that

  pj123 17:12 13 Oct 2005

Exactly what I say. No comment.

  geeza 18:06 13 Oct 2005

pj 123
Thanks for nothing

  Jackcoms 18:27 13 Oct 2005

Double posting click here

  geeza 19:27 13 Oct 2005

sorry for the double posting it was a slip of the finger
isp homecall
speed tests done here

click here

  Forum Editor 20:00 13 Oct 2005

felt unable to comment, but that's his prerogative. One reason might have been that in August BT negotiated an out of court settlement with Caudwell Communications (CCL) for "infringement of registered trade marks and for passing off".
The High Court action, which was initiated in May, resulted from complaints that Caudwell's sales staff had misled customers into thinking that the company was in some way connected with BT.

None of which has anything to do with your broadband connection speed of course.

I'll close this thread now, because you have another one running on the same subject.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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