Broadband download limits

  ukthesis 12:04 26 Feb 2007

On broadband download limits that many ISP's impose. I was under the impression that these only generally come into play when the user downloads films, music or videos. I use the net a lot for research, so I thought I would be unaffected. However, I was advised that if I download a lot of web pages monthly, for research purposes, I could be hit by download limits. What's the score?

  crosstrainer 12:07 26 Feb 2007

Some isp's state a download limit..others say "unlimited subject to fair usage" I am with tiscali, and am on various forums download documents most of the day....have never had a warning about reaching any kind of limit (my package is one that is "subject to fair usage"

  Batch 12:22 26 Feb 2007

The limits apply to any kind of data downloaded over the connection (web pages etc. are just another kind of data). What the ISP is concened with is the overall load that you put on the service, regardless of what it is you are actually using it for.

  Gongoozler 12:25 26 Feb 2007

If you are worried, then you could run a download meter for a time to see how much you are actually downloading. This one looks useful click here, but there are loads more available.

  birdface 12:42 26 Feb 2007

NTL has no Download limit's

  ukthesis 13:30 26 Feb 2007

Thanks. The download meter referred to is downloaded. What, though, do I look for when I run it?

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