crocbadger 15:50 27 Mar 2005

Hi There
I`m currently with Bt 1 meg broadband and in a few weeks they have told me that i will be limited to 15 gig a month.
I have looked around and found out that nearly all of the Isp`s have limits,apart from AOL,does any one know why AOL have no download limits on any of their broadband packages.
Also is anyone reading this with AOL and what is the service like,ie download speeds,and the connection in general
Many thanks

  Stuartli 16:03 27 Mar 2005

I've a pal who was with AOL and he's recently switched to Tiscali broadband because he was having problems regarding attachments with e-mails, sent to approximately 35 recipients on a regular weekly or more basis.

Some of them could open the attachments and some, no matter what, could not view them. There was no common pattern.

There have been no problems with the Tiscali introduction.

  mattyc_92 16:40 27 Mar 2005

I am using AOL, and I find that I rarely have a connection problem....

The reason why they don't any download limits, is because of the price.... for 2meg bb on AOL, it is £29.99 a month, but on other ISPs, it is only £17.99 a month... Also AOL has loads of "bonus" features, such as the "[email protected]"...

  janderson1989 16:49 27 Mar 2005

We are also with bt for our broadband and we have been thinking about changing to aol as well on there cd it says there are no download or time restrictions and no hidden charges they offer 3 broadband services silver 17.99 a month up to 512kbps 10 times faster than dial up the next is gold 24.99 a month 20 times faster than dial up and lastly platinum which is 40 times faster at 29.99 a month but you do have to sign a years contract same as most internet providers.

  Starfox 17:02 27 Mar 2005

All BT lines have now been upgraded to 2mg where possible,what are you doing that requires 2g a month and why not upgrade to their 30g a month package,or is it a matter of cost?

  Starfox 17:03 27 Mar 2005

Sorry should be 15g a month.

  pj123 17:39 27 Mar 2005

15gb a month is quite a lot of bandwidth. I have a few friends who only have 2gb bandwidth and they have not exceeded it yet.

An idea of what 15gb is:

Surfing the internet 15 hours a day
Sending jpeg pictures
via email 250 jpegs a week
Receiving jpeg 250 jpegs a week
Downloading music 250 tracks a week
Downloading video 3 hours a week
Listening to online radio 15 hours a week
Sending emails
(no attachments) 3000 a week
Receiving emails
(no attachments) 3000 a week

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