Broadband Dongle

  Braniff 13:28 12 Jun 2011


I am moving home and am changing provier and will be without the internet for a while. I am not very good at all this technical stuff and would like some simple advice if possible please. If I buy a broadband dongle will that give me access to the internet and how does it work if my home has no access?


  Zeppelyn 13:41 12 Jun 2011

It uses the mobile phone network. First thing would be to check which provider gives the best coverage in your area. Vodafone, O2 etc all have a coverage checker on their websites.

  Braniff 13:49 12 Jun 2011

I have found that O2 and Orange are the best in that area. Do I just buy one and put it in pc and thats it? I would need it for a bout 2 months.

  amonra 13:51 12 Jun 2011

Just dont expect lightning fast downloads, especially at peak times.

  Ian in Northampton 13:56 12 Jun 2011

You buy a USB dongle, and, typically, with it a certain amount of download capacity. Last time I did this, I think it was about £20 - 25 for 3Gig. Then, when that runs out, you typically top up the dongle (you don't have to buy the dongle itself again) for about £5 less than you paid originally.

It can be surprisingly effective: my son plays World of Warcraft when his landline goes down, and finds it OK.

  woodchip 14:49 12 Jun 2011

T-Mobil use a Dongle called Web n Walk No Idea of the Cost I have used my Daughters when away from home

We'n'Walk link

  rickf 15:38 12 Jun 2011

Have used one just to keep in touch with emails when I moved 8 months ago. Works but don't expect to stream videos etc., For filling the gap it's ok.

  gel 16:29 12 Jun 2011

I am in a similar situation regarding moving house

I purchased a 3i dongle aprox £20 which gave 1GB and lasts 1 month

I then took the dongle with my lap top to the area and stayed in my touring caravan searching properties

The dongle was very good and is very economic when used for emailing web searching etc but I think that it may be expensive if used for down loading music etc You get up to date usage and remaining availability and if you run out it can be updated on line for £9 which gives an extra 1GB

I found it very useful but I think the reception may be best whilst out of doors in a car or a caravan I hope this helps If I can hep further post a question gel

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