Broadband - Distance from Telephone Socket

  [DELETED] 09:52 28 Aug 2005

I am waiting for my Broadband Package to arrive but someone has said that if I connect via an extension lead the broadband probably will not work and that what I need is a master socket at the end of the extension lead.

My PC is approximately 3.5m from the the incoming phone line socket. Has anyone had any experience of this issue. If you had this problem, how did you solve it without moving the computer?

Or has anyone out there not had a problem at all with connecting via an standard extension at this distance from the telephone socket.

  [DELETED] 09:58 28 Aug 2005

For a house with good quality internal phone wiring and a reasonable local loop line to an exchange within a reasonable distance you will not have a problem

My broadband USB modem is connected to the master socket via 15 metres of standard phone cable. 4 other phones are connected within the house. The exchange is 6km away.

It all works fine, although when I first moved here it was necessary for BT to replace and upgrade some damp and damaged wire on the way to the exchange

  colberly 10:17 28 Aug 2005

My PC is in another room completely and around 4 metres from the phone extension in the next room, I have no problems whatsoever and even unplug the extension lead when PC is off.

  [DELETED] 10:29 28 Aug 2005

Thanks for quick response guys, your comments are very reassuring. The exchange is less than half a mile away so I am confident that everything will be okay.

  Graham ® 10:34 28 Aug 2005

Your line has probably travelled some distance already from the exchange. A few feet inside the house should not cause a problem. It's only a pair of wires!

A secondary socket is needed if you are going to install a wired extension.

It is very rare for extensions to be a problem in this way, so try whatever means is more appropriate to you. Any problems, report back.

  Stuartli 10:59 28 Aug 2005

I use a 10m ADSL RJ data cable direct from the Master Socket's splitter; the cable is routed under the carpets to my computer system some 15 feet away and the splitter's telephone outlet is used for a cordless phone and answering machine.

I've had speed test results of up to 2.4MB on the facility.

My son uses a good quality 20m telephone extension cable to provide his BB service to his system and is just as happy...:-)

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