Broadband disconnects and reconnects every 24 hrs.

  Sapins 13:42 25 Feb 2004

I have Wanadoo ADSL and the Status box shows Status, Duration and speed. When it gets to 24hrs it shows 1 day then counts a few minutes then disconnects and redials automatically. Does the "clock" only go up to 24hrs? I thought permanent connection meant just that.



  Chegs ® 14:03 25 Feb 2004

No idea why yours does it every 24hrs,but I wish mine would stop going on/off every few mins.I have sussed what causes it(Nero's InCd)but cannot get rid of this problem again. ;-)

  Sapins 18:24 25 Feb 2004


  Sapins 22:01 25 Feb 2004


  AcidBurn7uk 00:38 26 Feb 2004

Don't know exactly how ADSL works but it could be that it needs to get a new IP address from your ISP's dhcp servers?!?!

  Chegs ® 01:18 26 Feb 2004

I finally managed to fix my ADSL(it was system file corruption)and now am more inclined to try and answer this question.

ADSL runs thru the phoneline,it operates at a higher frequency than the voice calls(hence the need for a filter)and this is what allows both voice and ADSL to operate at the same time.Before I changed over to Nero,I could (and did)regularly get over 3 days continuous connection,so if your getting cutoff every 24 hours,its your ISP monitoring the upload/download data(not so much WHAT it is,just if its actually in use)and when it "see's" that the connection is idle,it will log you off and straight back on.The only time I can see this being a contentious issue,is if you were attempting to download a huge file(it would need to be **GB's to occupy your d/l'ing for the full 24 hours plus)and this "timer" cut you off mid point.

Hope this helps you. ;-)

  Sapins 12:46 26 Feb 2004

I haven't a clue what you mean AcidBurn7uk but thanks for your input.

Hi Chegs ®, if what you say is correct why every 24hrs, the connection is idle for long periods before it reaches 24hrs!! As to large downloads, what will I do when XP service pack XYZ arrives? I might take this up with Wanadoo,I might not :-)

Will tick this now and continue with my DIY.

Thanks for your help both of you.



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