broadband disconnects after email send/receive

  DIYgirl 13:23 05 Apr 2005

My father has recently signed up for broadband, and very nice it is too (I'm not envious...).

He has a problem with it, though. When he opens Outlook Express, his BB disconnects itself. And then again each time he sends/receives mail. It's easy enough to reconnect each time, but it would be nice not to have to.

Oh, and the little "connected" icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen (the one that looks like two tellies) remains there, but with a red cross over it. So, as I type, there are two versions of the icon visible--one with the red cross on it, left when I just started OE and the BB subsequently disconnected, and another without the red cross, which appeard when I reconnected. Surely that little icon usually disappears?

I've checked the settings in OE under tools/options/connection, and the box marked "hang up after sending/receiving" is not checked, so it's not that.

What else could it be? Any ideas?

Thank you!

  Fellsider 13:27 05 Apr 2005

You say "My father has recently signed up for broadband", there wouldn't still be a dial-up connection there that could be causing this would there?

  DIYgirl 13:32 05 Apr 2005

He still has his dial-up connection in place on his computer, although he doesn't use it any more. Would that cause a problem? He's anxious to keep it so that he can keep his old email address live by dialling up every few months or so, for a while at least, until everyone he knows is using his new email address.

  matt1234 13:34 05 Apr 2005

go to the network conections and delete the dial-up modem settings!!!

  matt1234 13:36 05 Apr 2005

it might, because outlook will also check if that connection is active, and then might follow what its set to do with the dial-up witch is exactly the symtoms your describing.

If your using BB the dial configuration will cause more gamage being there than good!!!

  Fellsider 13:38 05 Apr 2005

May be a good idea as Matt1234 says to delete the dial-up one.

My thoughts were, are you sure that the e-mail is using the broadband? could it be using the dial-up and is that set to disconnect after transmission?

Make a note of the details of the dial-up number etc. so that it can be reinstated in the event that he may wish to use it.

  DIYgirl 13:38 05 Apr 2005

Matt, my father needs to be able to still use dial-up from time to time: his BB ISP is Tiscali, his dial-up ISP was Wanadoo, so if he doesn't keep dialling up every now and then his old email address will die. If I delete his dial-up modem settings then won't that stop him being able to do that? Sorry to be dense.

  matt1234 13:46 05 Apr 2005

well if you view wanadoo via outlook you could ask wanadoo for the settings you need inorder to view your emails on BB on tiscali. but althoughive done this with AOL i don know if theyll do this.

  Stuartli 17:54 05 Apr 2005

Tiscali requires that you take out a new e-mail address when signing up for broadband. Those who use its dialup services are given a PAYG account to collect e-mails from the previously used e-mail address.


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