broadband disconnects at 5pm every night

  tillybaby 13:19 04 Feb 2008

Please please help as I feel I'm going daft,

Every evening around 5 o clock my connection goes and then that's it until the next morning more or less. I am with BT and am 400m from the exchange, have been with the same sp for 7years and no problems before. Until three weeks ago I was connected via wireless but then the router started to have a red light on so no connection, I then went on Voyager 105 which is what I was on originally and it's with this installation that the connection drops every night,

I've been onto Mumbai so many times now they've given me my own pin no. and extension to ring, so frustrating because after an hour of going through the same speil every night I don't get anywhere. The line has been checked and has come back perfect, in fact apart from changing from Belkin router to the voyager 105 everything is exactly the same. Last night they told me to unscrew the box on the wall. I told them where to get off because a) I can't hardly understand them, B) I don't have a screw driver,C) I feel the amount I pay for this non service the engineer should at least come out and D) I'm 55year old female and I'm not good at unscrewing things even if I did have a driver small enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all please?

  brundle 16:16 04 Feb 2008

You may have heard some of the suggestions put forward here but a;

Check all your phones and make sure they each have a microfilter. Pick up a phone when the line is faulty and press a single digit once so you get a silent line - listen for interference, crackling, buzzing etc. Disconnect all other devices connected to the phone (including your Sky box if you have one) and see if the ADSL signal returns. Does it happen at precisely the same time every time, or is 5 o'clock an approximation? Do any of your neighbours have ADSL broadband and if so do they suffer the same problem?

  tillybaby 16:22 04 Feb 2008

Hi Brundle,

5 o clock is an approximation, it usually occurs between 5 and 6, up to now the connection has returned within a couple of hours but last night it never returned at all. As I had to be at work for 5.30am I don't know about this morning but when I got home from work this afternoon it all seemed fine again, I'm just dreading the 'tea-time' disconnection and hope it really doesn't happen,

There is lots of crackling on my phone so much so that I could hardly hear the lovely Indian gentleman last night with his instructions although I did hear him suggest the screwdriver. I will try as you suggest though and if needs be disconnect the landlines completely and see if that helps any.

  brundle 16:55 04 Feb 2008

`There is lots of crackling on my phone` - during all calls or just the call-centre ones? It might be useful if you could find out your line-stats when the BB is working normally - click here and scroll down to BT Voyager 105, follow the instructions and look for ~ Sync Speed (Connection Speed)
~ Attenuation (atten)
~ SNR Margin (Noise Margin, Margin)

- you may not be able to get them if your model is of a certain vintage, your Belkin will almost certainly show them.

  tillybaby 07:47 05 Feb 2008

Again thank you for replying to my post, I couldn' get back to you because as is normal now the connection went around 5.30, so last night was a 3hr. marathon call to BT. It seems the problem might be that I had exceeded my download limit of option 1 and THEY were responsible, needless to say I wasn't impressed because they could have told me this two weeks ago.

So......I've upgraded to unlimited which will take place in the next 10days and they're sending me all manner of stuff apparently, hub, new filters etc.

The crackling on my phone happens all the time and it's so bad I can hardly hear the people talking to me but I've been told my phone line is perfect - hmmm. So I've gone back to bt. with that too (last night) and again they've promised me a crystal clear line once everything has taken place, in the meantime I've disconnected the landline although tbh. the disconnection still happened,

I really do hope that once 'they' whoever 'they are, see that I've upgraded, they won't disconnect me again - we'll see, it's becoming a nightly marathon on the phone to Mumbai now.

  brundle 15:14 05 Feb 2008

It suggests an internal wiring fault if they say your line is perfect, but fingers crossed that they resolve it.

  User-1229748 16:30 05 Feb 2008

if it doesn't get resolved tell them that if they won't come out and fix it you'll stop paying them until they do!you seem to be paying for a service that isn't being provided.

  tillybaby 19:04 05 Feb 2008

Yes you are correct smackhheadz for the past month I have been and still am paying for a service that I'm not receiving. Yet again twice today the connection went down so I phoned this number with pin. no. that they've given me only to hear the message that they're having problems with broadband connections and then the phone hangs up so now I don't even get to speak to a person at all, not only that but I'm sure they play that message at peak times to there's not such a queue of people waiting to speak to an advisor, how on earth can the whole country be experiencing broadband problems?

To be perfectly honest I am sick to the back teeth with BT. and them not even trying to find out what's wrong,

I must admit to losing my temper somewhat last night when the same old rubbish was being suggested, ie. change filters, disconnect sky bla bla bla, so I demanded that I see an engineer proptly and not to keep going on about b*** filters etc.................I did apologise but neither have I got to see an engineer.

  User-1229748 01:23 06 Feb 2008

if you live in an area that has cable you can receive broadband via virgin with no bt line required.

  tillybaby 07:13 06 Feb 2008

I do live in cable area and believe me if this connection problem isn't sorted today then everything is being cancelled even though I agreed to upgrade to option 3 on Monday evening.

  tillybaby 08:18 06 Feb 2008

It seems there's a problem on my line despite being told the other night that everything was o.k.

Even I knew there was something the matter because I can't hear what anyone is saying because of the crackling,

One lesson I have learnt though is to have both land -line and broadband with the same company because at the moment I have the land-line with the post office while my broadband is with BT.

I am resolving this scenario though but it will take about two weeks.

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