Broadband disconnections - I've seen the light!

  ame 23:11 15 May 2007

Having had a reliable service from Tiscali for years (don't laugh!) I was having lots of disconnections over recent months. Then my son eventually noticed that the street light outside my house was flickering on and off throughout the day, and my broadband disconnected and my freeview tv signal was disrupted when this happened.

The local Council was called and the photo-electric cell and sodium lamp was replaced - hey presto - much better, but still disconnection when it got dark and light came on! Must call them again to replace the starter unit or whatever is inside these things.

Anyone else come across this? Only one or two previous posts suggesting this problem. here's hoping all will be resolved soon. Hallelujah brother!!!

  Dipso 09:48 16 May 2007

I have come across street lights affecting broadband connections before. This comes up more in the Winter months for obvious reasons. Many people report their noise margin dropping in the evening which tends to be the reason for dropped connections, street lights are a likely cause of this.

Other common ones are Christmas fairy lights and central heating systems starting up although I am lucky that I have never been affected by either.

  Stuartli 10:35 16 May 2007

The energy saving bulbs we use, including in the porch and on the hall landing, cause considerable intermittent radio interference (even on FM) when they are starting to come to the end of their life.

Replacing an offending bulb stops the interference for a while...:-)

It took me about two years to work out what was causing the interference (for obvious reasons!)

  Gongoozler 10:57 16 May 2007

Energy saving lights, Christmas lights etc. I wonder if a ferrite ring (similar to those fitted over monitor cables) would help. They would have absolutely no effect on the connected device and would not be an electrical hazard, but should suppress any cable conducted interference, and hence radiation from the cable.

  jam500 11:51 16 May 2007

Never thought about the street lights, The one directly outside my house has been on constantly day and night, They have just replaced the bulb as someone must have repoted it but it is still on. I say this as i have bad broadband and this might be why. Does anyone know who i contact to get the light fixed?

  Meshuga 16:27 16 May 2007

Jam500, ring your town hall highways Dept.

  Stuartli 17:45 16 May 2007

Broadband disconnections can also be caused by a faulty ADSL filter (splitter) or one missing from a phone extension, answerphone etc.

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