Broadband disconnecting after inactivity

  Agent Smith 09:41 20 Sep 2004

I'm new to broadband (6 sept). I am connected with BT and I get disconnected after some time of perceived innactivity i.e. doing something else while connected. I've looked at their help files and done a search of this site's archive. I have the never disconnect option selected, antivirus software is up to date and a scan carried out. Adaware up to date and scanned, Spybot up to date and scanned and Spyware blaster up to date. I would welcome any advice that you may have.

Win XP home + SP1, Athlon XP3200, 512 DDR Ram, BT Voyager 105 Modem Asus mobo (can't remember model)

  Noleg24 10:14 20 Sep 2004

well it seems the problem is more to do with the modem...whats the actual model of the mobo? I use to work at BT Broadband and some of the problems customers were having was that their modem was not compatible with certain chipsets on their mobo such as SiS, VIA and Intel and this required them to update them also I would check Device Manager and go into the modem properties and click on Power Management and make sure the box that say Allow the computer to turn off this device is unticked...also I would ring the BT broadband helpdesk on 08702404650 and get some help. but if its Broadband Basic your on...its a different number (090 something) but here's a secret...they're actually the same department even tho its two different just ring the first number and say you have the BT Voyager 105 and they should be able to help you if they say to ring the 090 number tell them you cant cos your phone is set to barring 090 numbers and you cant remember the PIN to deactivate will work trust me...if not you can have a go at but it should be ok...just demand they fix it as its their modem...

  nick_j007 10:33 20 Sep 2004

Be sure that you have filters on every phone in the house, as a friend of mine had a similar sounding problem that was solved once filters were placed all over. Search here for 'filters' and you may well see one supplied by Ebuyer which I gather is very good at only a few pounds each.



  Agent Smith 12:19 20 Sep 2004

Thanks folks.
1) Remembered spare BT socket in spare bedroom. Although this socket does not have a device fitted now that we have a radio linked remote phone system I have now fitted a micro filter anyway. I had some spare I didn't realise the modem came with two and I had already bought a couple on ebay.

2) Mobo is Asus A7V600-X with Via chipset so I'm downloading new Hyperion drivers.

3) Looked at modem properties in Device manager but it only shows my Lucent Dial Up modem. I can't see anything to do with allowing computer to shut down device and I looked at the properties of the connection properties etc.

I'll load the new Via drivers and monitor the situation. The only other thing is that I'm having to run an extension line from the BT socket to my PC due to its location. However I think if that was faulty or intermittent I would lose my connection occasionally whilst actively using it.

Thanks for your help. Bob.

  Noleg24 12:43 20 Sep 2004

In device manager the modem is listed under Network Adapters not modems...

  2neat 12:51 20 Sep 2004

In device manager right click USB root hub, properties and click the power management tab. Untick allow pewter to turn off, and save. Do the same in network adaptor for your modem and save. Reboot.

  Agent Smith 13:05 20 Sep 2004

Thanks guys I've done that now. You learn something every day. I'll keep you posted. Bob.

  Agent Smith 16:41 21 Sep 2004

It ould appear that the problem may have been that I had connected the modem to my USB which apparently does not provide sufficient power for the modem. Nice of BT to tell me ..........eventually. If the connections stays up until tomorrow I'll mark this post as resolved.

  Agent Smith 21:56 21 Sep 2004

Problem resolved, connection has been stable for 7 hours. Thanks for your input peeps.

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