Broadband & Dial-up connection

  prima12 13:49 23 Dec 2003

Hi all, I have just installed a dial-up ISP as well as running NTL 600k broadband, the reason being that NTL is not as reliable as it should be, and I do need access. I have noticed now that when I have my internet access open through BB, when I click on 'Mail' & 'Read mail' Outlook Express doesn't open as it did before, also it won't open using my keyboard 'hotkey' either, it will open if I go back to my desktop and open it from my shortcut. Have I done something wrong or do I have something set wrong?

  prima12 14:13 23 Dec 2003

There was nothing relating to my BB connection in the 'connections tab', would this be because it cable connection rather than phone line connection?

  prima12 14:39 23 Dec 2003

Thanks for your help Djohn, managed to find the problem, the 'Email Program' in 'options/email program' had somehow been deleted, but now appears to be back to normal.

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