Broadband Dial-up

  sinctoy 06:10 14 Jan 2007

I have 8Mbps Orange Broadband. Download speed varies between 3Mbps early morning down to to 6ooKbps late afternoon. I connect and disconnect when I need internet access via Thomson Speedtouch USB modem using "stdialup.exe" from a desktop icon. People seem surprised when I say I don't use an 'always on' connection.

Control Panel Network Connections says my connection Type is Dial-up. Is this compatible with broadband? Am I trying to use a dial-up connection on broadband? Is that possible?

  SLAYER 06:16 14 Jan 2007

whats your speedtouch model number?

  jaritch 08:46 14 Jan 2007

I am on Tiscali broadband and it is listed under dial up also. It is because the modem, also a speedtouch dials up 0,38. So I don't think your drop in connection is anything to do with that.

  Stuartli 08:53 14 Jan 2007

The 0,38 represents the VCI/VPI figures for the UK (other countries use different numbers) and would normally be used by ISPs on a BT line for broadband connections.

The connection is created using a "dialup" (in this case DSL) account and can/may be done through the Windows Connection Wizard in the normal way.

Have you downloaded the Speedtouch "up to 8MB" driver patch (perhaps even the latest driver as well) from:

click here

  Stuartli 09:03 14 Jan 2007

I'm presuming it's a Speedtouch 330 USB modem.

Even better would be a modem router. I use the wired version of this model range:

click here

The price was only just over £22 including p and p and is a rebadged Safecom model under e-Buyer's Guru value brand name.

It's a bit less now and can be used up to ADSLMax2+.

If you need a wireless version then it's obviously a little more expensive.

  Dipso 16:43 14 Jan 2007

Your connection is set up and working exactly as it should. When using a USB modem the connection is better described as "always available" than "always on"

  sinctoy 16:57 14 Jan 2007

Yes it is a Speedtouch 330, and I've updated the driver now, thanks Stuartli and installed 8Mb patch. Speeds seem better but I'll give it 24 hours.

Thanks for your response everyone.

  woodchip 17:04 14 Jan 2007

You will not get the best connection if you keep turning it off. Plus it should not have a Dial-Up in networking it should just register as a Connection

  Stuartli 17:08 14 Jan 2007

Before I got a modem router I used a Sagem [email protected] 800 USB modem and, obviously, used to have to reconnect each time I switched the system off and then back on again.

As far as I am aware it made no difference to the connection speeds.

  woodchip 17:12 14 Jan 2007

I think it does on a 8mb connection

  woodchip 17:22 14 Jan 2007

PS USB should still received power with the Computer switched off, Provided the Mains plug is left switched on

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