broadband dial-up

  jesta 23:02 01 Dec 2004

i have read many topics on diallers and heard that the best thing to do is to get rid of the dial up option. i use broadband but whenever i want to get connected i have to double click on connect to f2s(my bb provider) and then connect.this is the only way i can connect.i presume this is what is called a dial-up right?is there another way of connecting that i am not aware of?
thanks in advance

  hillybilly 23:10 01 Dec 2004

The diallers you are reading about use an anologue modem, if you have broadband ,you are using an ADSL modem. they are two differnet animals, as long as you only have your USB ADSL modem connected you won't be getting one of these huge phone bills.

  Forum Editor 23:16 01 Dec 2004

Broadband connections don't work on a dial-up system, there's no number to dial to.

If you have a BT landline broadband connection the line is split into separate channels. A good analogy is that of a pipe with a narrower pipe inside it. The wide pipe takes digital ADSL traffic - what we call broadband - and the narrow pipe is for analogue traffic (dial-up). The two data streams never mix, they run separately to the exchange, where the analogue signal is taken straight into the normal BT telecoms network. The ADSL connection goes into a gateway, and thence via some more complex hardware into the Internet. If your ISP is not BT then your connection to the internet may be at the ISP's premises (if the company is big enough), where there will be similar hardware.

So, as you can see, there's no dialling involved in a broadband connection - your modem automatically handshakes with a device in your local BT exchange.

  hillybilly 23:28 01 Dec 2004

I'll willingly bow to your superior knowledge, but I know of at least 3 people who have an account with BT Broadband not I might add BT Yahoo, and with these BT Broadband accounts when their PC's start up they have a dial up box appear centre screen and they have to click on "Connect" to start there broadband. Thats the way the BT supplied software installs their package.

  stalion 23:32 01 Dec 2004

Agree exactly what I have as well

  jesta 23:34 01 Dec 2004

ok,i kind of understand but hillybilly has pointed out that i wont get because i have only an adsl modem but i have an internal modem.can i disable that?

  hillybilly 23:37 01 Dec 2004

Sorry I missed my main point out, what you saying is correct,but because some of these guys have to click on a connect button as "Stalion" has just said, I think they are confusing ADSL with an old style analogue dial up connection.

  hillybilly 23:41 01 Dec 2004

Yes the safest way is to take the old modem card out of the pc or just make sure you do not have a cable in it plugged into your phone line.

  jesta 23:56 01 Dec 2004

ok i understand now.thanks for helping hillybilly & forum editor.:)

  accord 05:41 02 Dec 2004

my dad has this aswell with BT broadband. It just means he is logging onto the BT server via ADSL and NOT dial up.

My NTL works differently as you dont need to log on as its connected from boot up.

  Jackcoms 08:48 02 Dec 2004

I'm with Tiscali BB and I also have to make a connection each time - it only takes a matter of seconds.

In fact, every time I finish a web session I also disconnect. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that my PC is not being attacked by nasties whilst it's unattended.

Call me old fashioned or just plain paranoid - but it makes me feel better!

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