Broadband crashes

  Furthark 15:27 31 Jan 2005

Hi I have just installed BT Yahoo broadband but when I connect to the Internet my computer crashes and I get a blue screen, BT helpline think it may be the USB's, can anyone help me? please

  Granny. 15:37 31 Jan 2005

Hi Furthark,

I`m with Tiscali, but with the same problem as you.
I`m afraid I don`t know how to create a link, but if you look at my post, Help, my PC keeps shutting down/crashing, some of the advice that the lovely people on here are giving me, could probably help you as well.
Good luck, hope you get it sorted out soon...

  Djohn 16:12 31 Jan 2005

click here
There's the link for you Granny. :o)

Just as an update for those that are not sure of how to link to another thread or site. Highlight the thread title or the site address by dragging your cursor across it then right click your mouse, choose copy, come to the message box of the thread you wish to post in and right click again, choose paste.

It will show as a long line of text but don't worry, as soon as you post to the forum it will turn into a blue "Click here" link. Or you can type the address of a site direct into the message box like this but without the spaces.

www. google. com and it will turn into click here

Sorry to move off your question Furthark but yes, it may be your USB modem that is causing the problem. To make sure disconnect any other USB hardware you have attached and try again to see if it still crashes. Normally an overloaded USB will not cause a PC crash, just the broadband connection to drop. Some USB modems though do require a powered hub to run successfully.

  Granny. 16:22 31 Jan 2005

Thanks Djohn, another mystery solved!!!

futhark, when I contacted Tiscali, they told me that the type of modem they sent, could sometimes cause problems if you`re on Windows 98 (which I am) and they are sending me another type of modem to see if that solves the problem, so maybe it might help to contact BT Yahoo, to see if the same applies to you?

  Furthark 16:26 31 Jan 2005

Granny, windows XP speedtouch router.
Broadband crashes 24/7 ok
I will get back to you.

  Djohn 16:32 31 Jan 2005

Is it a router and not a modem? what model of speedtouch please?

  machow 16:46 31 Jan 2005

Just to add to the same question. My stepfather recently upgraded from a 512kb connection to a 1Mb connection. It has been disconnecting ever since! Would this be a symptom of what you mentioned with regard to an overloaded usb????...Im a little confused, so could you explain it further for me.

He hasnt changed any of the hardware...


  machow 16:48 31 Jan 2005

Sorry to hijack your thread........!

  Djohn 17:04 31 Jan 2005

First of all my appologies to Furthark once again for using his thread but its on the same subject and may help him/her.

I'm not an expert in these matters by any means but regarding a USB modem it requires 500millamps of power to function correctly. The USB ports on your PC will provide this amount of power but if other USB hardware is connected to the same port or card then that hardware will use some of the power that is available. Some modems can cope with a considerable drop in juice, others can't and will drop the line connection straght away even if just a couple of milliamps are taken away.

My USB modem [Speedtouch 330] is connected to the same port as my printer/scanner/camera and I can be using all four at the same time without any problems. If your having trouble with the broadband line disconnecting there a couple of things to try.

One is a self powered hub that will give you an extra four USB 2.0 ports as well as using its own power supply, but the first thing to check is, Device manager/Universal serial bus controler, click on the + sign to expand then right click on USB root hub/properties/power management tab and remove the tick from "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

If there is a tick in the box and your connection is not active for a while then it will be turned off and you will lose the broadband connection. You may find more than one USB root hub so do the same for each one.

  machow 17:09 31 Jan 2005

Excellent, thanks for that.

That will make it much easier to explain.

  Furthark 17:26 31 Jan 2005

Sorry I didn't reply sooner I had to go out.
Speedtouch 303, I have two and I get the same problem with both.
How do I find the device manager?

I have also removed all usb cables from the computer and it still crashes.

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