Broadband is continuously 'cutting out'.

  The Moppit 19:12 07 Dec 2005

Hi all,

I have been using my Virgin broadband for quite some time and it has been fine. A while back we were upgraded from 512 and 3gb download limit to 2mb's and 6gb download limit. I have my doubts about weather this is related but for some reason within the past few weeks or month my internet has been continuously 'cutting out'. Although my Dad pays for and set up the internet I can tell you a reasonable amount of the 'equipment' used.

Our ISP is Virgin, (who apparently use BT, im not quite sure weather this is true or not).

We use a 3com Router (am not sure of the model but can find it out if required).

The router is also used to connect the 4 PC's in our house, 3 of them use Belkin Network Adapters (However my Dad may be using the router as the network adapter instead of one of the belkin ones) and I am using a 3com wireless adaptor.

The internet has been fine and I am starting to get irritated with this especialy as I use Skype and it keeps cutting the connection.

If you require additional information (eg. product model names) then please just ask.

Thanks in advance for everyoneones help.

Peter Horne
aka. The Moppit

  babybell 19:30 07 Dec 2005

When they upgraded the download limit, did they also increase your broadband speed. I say this because BT recently upgraded me from 256mb broadband to 1mb, then to 2mb and i was having terrible dropouts where the modem couldn't handle the new download speeds. All that was required was to purchase a modem that was built for those speeds and my problems have stopped.

  The Moppit 19:49 07 Dec 2005

Yes they did. It was 512k and now it is 2mb's. I will check this out and hopefully it will be the answer to my problems although I use a Routerinstead of a modem.


  babybell 22:22 07 Dec 2005

That may very well be the problem, i purchased a speedtouch 330 modem, one of the newest modems out for BT and i haven't had one drop out since, when before i was getting drop outs every 5 minutes or so. If your Router is quite old it may not have been manufactured to handle such high download speeds.

  Daveboy 23:06 07 Dec 2005

Most usb modem were designed to work at up to 8 meg from the outset of ADSL, ensure you have the latest drivers for them, and the latest kernels/software for routers.
If you have recently been upgraded you may find you are actually too far away for 2 meg service. If your router has a diagnostic view check to downstream attenution, if it exceeds 43dB you are beyond BT's limit for 2 meg (60 dB for 1 meg). Also check SNR this should exceed 6 dB (prefererably over 10 dB).
PS. I beleive Virgin use NTL's backbone (very likely as they are jumping into bed together now !)

  The Moppit 08:21 08 Dec 2005

I will need to check all of this out. I was led to belive Virgin were using BT? Well anyway, thanks for all your help people. I will try out what you said.

Daveboy, do you hae a slightly simpler explanaition? I didn't quite understand what you said. Please try and explain a little more simply as I only have a basic understanding of P.C's.

I reply with weather it worked or not.

  Daveboy 22:59 08 Dec 2005

Best bet is to ask Virgin to test your service, you will have to be on line for this, they can give you :
1. Your downstream attenuation in dB's. Remember you should not exceed 43dB for 2 meg service.
2. Your downstream SNR in dB's. The higher the figure the better, over 10 preferred.
3. Error checks to see if your data is flowing nicely.
Post your router model and someone will be able to tell if it has its own diagnostic that you can log into for the above info.

  Stuartli 00:05 09 Dec 2005

The service would not have been upgraded to 2MB if your line was not capable of supplying this speed.

As has been pointed out, the majority of basic ADSL modems are able to handle up to 8MB speeds.


The Moppit states in his/her thread that the upgrade was from 512mpbs to 2MB plus a cap lifted from 3GB to 6GB.

  The Moppit 16:38 12 Dec 2005

So it sounds as if it may not be the router. I had a brief look but could not find out the maximum connection speed it could cope with. I will try what you said babybell. I am sorry it has taken a while but I have been rather busy. I will keep you updated with what is happening and weather I have found the soloution.

  Graham ® 17:25 12 Dec 2005

I agree, the speed of the connection could well be the culprit. The higher the speed, the more susceptible the link is to noise and line faults. You will have to work through the suggestions until you or the ISP/BT find the answer.

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