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  ivesy 15:15 04 Jul 2004

I have a P4 running Windows XP and (currently) using AOL 9. Recently I've been having trouble either connecting to AOL or when I get on actually staying there before getting disconnected. I've done a bit of investigating on the PC and found the following when I select 'show all connections'

In DIAL UP, I have AOL Dial on demand feature disconnected and BT voyager 100 ADSL modem also disconnected. This is confusing since I have broadband and would've thought these would be listed in the next section...

In LAN or High-Speed Internet I have Local Area Connection 3 Disabled, sometimes with this connection I get the same icon next to the time on the taskbar with a red cross through it. I also have a 1394 Connection which is enabled using a 1394 NET adapter.

Finally I have a 'Virtual Private Network' with the title The interent (2) which is connecting?? on a WAN miniport (L2TP) this one is causing the most worry because I don't know what or why it's there!

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  picklesy 16:02 04 Jul 2004

i am with aol,don,t know if this is any help.i have been having the same problem and am currently experimenting on different things to try to either get connected or stay on line.i have been getting cut off all afternoon.the last thing i have tried is to close down spy blaster,so far i have managed to stay connected for about an hour(a record)you could try phoning aol help but they will probably blame it on your pc to the grass being to long.they would have to improve 100% to become useless.i have been with aol for over 3years but if this is going to be there standard iwill be moving.sorry if this isn,t much help but i wouldn,t go pulling my hair out with pc,it will be an aol problem.biggest problem is getting them to admit it.(1 hour 20 now wow)

  ivesy 16:07 04 Jul 2004

I know how you feel! I've just spent 30-40 minutes talking to live "help" writing war and peace about my problem and at the end of it the agent just said what's a 1394 connection!!!! They've given me the 0800 376 4406 no.. I've just reinstalle dthe bt voyager 100 modem but now that's just disappeared from connections folder to be replace with something called AOl dialler.

  picklesy 16:28 04 Jul 2004

try running scan disc.this sometimes worked for me to get about an hour or so online.there tec support(tounge in cheek)did actually fix my prob.once it involved command prompts as well as alot of other things.sorry i can,t remember what i done it was a while back,it ran great untill i installed other progrms(ie printer and such)then it went belly up again.been unable to get them to talk me through it again or send email of what they went of luck with it.(still on)

  CurlyWhirly 19:50 04 Jul 2004

I too am with AOL Broadband and I have the BT Voyager 100 ADSL modem and I too had loads of connection problems which I blamed on AOL but where actually to do with spyware like trojans!
I was using Kazaa Lite but it turned out that I downloaded a file that was a trojan called brilliant digital and every so often it would send data back to the hacker/server which would affect my connection.
I downloaded the free version of a2 (a squared) trojan scanner and this found 3 trojans on my PC which my anti-virus and firewall failed to detect.
I was so pleased with it's 20,000 trojan database entries that I upgraded to the registered version!
This was a few weeks ago and I have had NO problems since!

  2neat 20:06 04 Jul 2004

what av were u using? I have downloaded a2 and am scanning now. Thanks for the link.

  safemode 20:07 04 Jul 2004


"internet 2" is a virtual connection that the AOL software creates to make a connection, this should be there and you'll notice that this only appears when you have a connection with AOL.

if it's disconnecting and you've checked with AOL that there's no current probs with the service (AOL Keyword "system status") then it's most likely that you've got a setting that is disconnecting, something like an e-mail client disconnecting after send/receive mail or "disconnect when connection is no longer needed" if it's not a setting it'll be either firewall software, spyware or something similar causing the prob.

sorry can't be more helpful but it's quite a long winded issue to resolve.

  ivesy 10:10 05 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses. I've deleted the a couple of the connections so now i'm left with local area network 3 which is disconnected, 1394 connection which is enabled and the Virtual Private Network which is connecting on the WAN Miniport! but if that one has someting to do with AOL then I guess that's fine (shame the Chatagent at AOL didn't tell me that). I use Mcaffe firewall and virus killer I also use Web washer. I'll try that program A2 and see if that finds anything!

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