Broadband connection, speedtouch 330

  Laser157 07:01 29 May 2003

I have 2 of these modems on two computers using same drivers. Obviously I only use one at a time.
About one time in 5 log-in fails. After that I get a message that there is no dialtone and cannot connect. Unplugging USB connector and rebooting modem (or rebooting machine) always solves it. Both machines behave identically, but one is a P11 and Intel chip running W98se the other AMD 1500XP and VIA with WinMe. Once connected, no problems. Anyone else had this?

  Laser157 18:37 29 May 2003

First post I've made with zero replies! As I have 2 systems and modems with the same problem, can I really be unique?

  Djohn 19:08 29 May 2003

click here Is this a similar problem? J.

  Laser157 19:33 29 May 2003

Thanks for responding Djohn. I don't think it's the same problem as one of my machines has no VIA chips in it and the one which does have a VIA chipset functions faultlessly when it's connected.

  -pops- 19:56 29 May 2003

How are these modems connected to the telephone line? Are you using a splitter box or is only one plugged in at a time?

If you are constantly changing the plugs around, look out for worn cables/connections. Those weeny plugs aren't intended for constant moving.

  Laser157 20:06 29 May 2003

Thanks pops. I only use one at a time and generally leave the phone sockets connected. In fact the problem was there on the first machine before I started using the other on Broadband.

  noddy 1 20:12 29 May 2003

Hi All<P> I Have a dell with an intel MB,Speedtouch 330, i sufferd the same problem, It turns out that the modem is drawing too much power from the on board USB ports
The cure is to fit a PCI USB card, the one i use has 4 USB 2.0 ports with a VIA chipset, Cost £15.00 at local computer shop

Result, Problem solved

  Laser157 20:31 29 May 2003

Thanks noddy 1. I'll give that a try, but it uses up my last PCI slot on my main machine.

  Laser157 07:24 16 Jun 2003

I've started this one up again, because I got a USB2 card, but still have the problem. I can always logon to Broadband first time if I do so soon after the machine boots. However if I leave it for say 30 minutes it often won't work until I unplug the USB connector and re-initialise the modem. Then it always works. I admit it's not a big problem as I now have front USB sockets, but it would be nice to resolve it if I can. Any ideas?

  lyntwyn 15:16 14 Jul 2003

I have a somewhat similar problem with my speedtouch 330 modem in that I only have problems connecting after recovering my PC from standby mode. I get the message"dial up networking cannot start. restart your computer, and then try again.if the problem persists, re-install dial-up networking". If I retart my PC i connect without problem. I have a feeling that this is possibly a conflict with WIN98

  -pops- 15:23 14 Jul 2003

You would be better starting a new thread for this.

As this one has been ticked and closed, it won't get so many people looking at it therefore, less replies.


This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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