Broadband connection speed - is this right?

  jaketimothy 12:29 27 Aug 2003


I wonder if you can help me.

I recently signed up for the ntl broadband 1mb connection,and a recent speed test at

click here;127795;cfa181870491f038dc92da8675aabe2f;2.0;

has shown my connection speed to be:

2003-08-27 06:49:48 EST: 112 / 127
Your download speed : 112950 bps, or 112 kbps.
A 13.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 127795 bps, or 127 kbps.
Your connection hardly qualified as broadband, at least in that test

Is this right for the connection speed that I signed up for?

  -pops- 12:32 27 Aug 2003

Try this click here Scroll down the left hand column.

Note: don't confuse b (bits) with B (Bytes. 8 bits = 1 Byte) Bits are the normal terms in internet connecting to make it appear very fast.


  Jester2K II 12:33 27 Aug 2003

What ISP and service are you signed to?

  Jester2K II 12:36 27 Aug 2003

Always notice these things on the second read...

ntl broadband 1mb connection

Try click here to tweak the connection

and click here speed test it. Download the program choose you rconnection type and test away.

  smegs 12:37 27 Aug 2003

I've just Bn on that site & tested my Freeserve 512 modem. It's come back & said that my download speed is 242kbps, upload is 166kbps. Get back intouch with NTL by the looks of it. Thet may have connected U at a lower speed.

  jaketimothy 12:44 27 Aug 2003

Downstream 113 Kbps (14.1 KB/sec) 122 Kbps (inc. overheads) Upstream 238 Kbps (29.8 KB/sec) 257 Kbps (inc. overheads)

is this ok?

  sil_ver 13:00 27 Aug 2003

If you hover the mouse over your connection icon in the tray (2 monitors) what does it say your connection speed is. My 512K says 576Kbps.
Altho' only an indicator I would have thought your connection would be in excess of 1000Kbps (1.0Mb +)

  -pops- 13:08 27 Aug 2003

Seems odd that your upstream speed is greater than the downstream.

Just tested my 512 connection and it comes up 506/260. I'm happy enough with that.

My "hovering over the icons" speed says 576 but it always does.

I'd ask you ISP, as suggested already.

  jaketimothy 13:55 27 Aug 2003


Thanks for all the posts.

I phoned up ntl modem technical support and after a notoriously long wait was put through to a very friendly technical support advisor.

I am signed up to the meg connection and my modem checks out fine, however, we found that after disabling my firewalls my connection shot up from 14.1 Kb/s to 97.5 Kb/s (that's kilobytes / s)! Rerunning the internet speed test I get:

2003-08-27 08:51:25 EST: 836 / 234
Your download speed : 836507 bps, or 836 kbps.
A 102.1 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 234604 bps, or 234 kbps

Thansk for everybody's input on the matter,


  accord 15:21 27 Aug 2003

what about your firewall then jake? me thinks you need that with BB.

my 600K NTL speed has just come back at a download speed of 568K.

  accord 15:21 27 Aug 2003

ps.... with NAV/FW 2003 enabled.

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