modumus 11:21 08 May 2003

Im desperately seeking help!

I used to have a broadband connection speed of 512kbps but it has now went down to 300kbps. BT have checked the telephone exchange & my phone-line, both are in full working order. With me living only a mile away from the telephone exchange i should be able to receive the full connection speed.

Having tested my modem, phone-line, etc from my house on a BT engineers laptop - he was connecting at 576kbps but when i plugged it back into my PC it went back to 300kbps!!!!

Is it my PC settings, USB ports, or my internet configurations????

My PC is 4 months old and running on Windows XP, please any help would be gratefully received.

How can i optimise the internet setting MANUALLY as optimiser programs seem to have no effect?

  soy 11:29 08 May 2003

Hi, I had exactly the same problem. I had my broadband since October last year and since november/december my speed had dropped sigificantly to 320-340kbps. I had mucked about alot with the connection, eg, used speed twqeaks, patches etc over the months.

so about 2 weeks ago, I did a complete reinstall of my OS and amazingly, my connection has now gone up to 460-470Kbps average.

Also if you use an extension, then this can cuase the weak connection. I was using a 15M extension and now I have cut it down to about 6M by routing the cable through my chimney.

This didn't make any difference at first, but when I reinstalled my OS, the speed went up, so maybe it had some effect.

all I can say is if your using an extension, then try and shorten it if possible and if nothing seems to work, try a reinstall.

It worked for me.

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