Broadband connection software

  greenlamp 23:03 11 May 2003

I use an Alcatel speedtouch modem [as supplied by Freeserve]. When the connection software is launched it immediately attempts to connect, before a password can be entered. On a number of occasions when this attempt has timed out further connection is prevented, the error message states that no dial tone can be detected [this also happens if the attempt is canceeled before timing out].
Does anyone know howto either
(1) prevent the software from leaping into a connection attempt immediately.


(2) Get windows to remember the password in the same way as I could with dial up networking. So connection will be automatic.

  Cathode 01:01 12 May 2003

There should not be a problem saving your password I use the same modem without problems. click here

  Cathode 01:02 12 May 2003

Post back of course if you havent resolved the issue.

  hugh-265156 01:03 12 May 2003

not familiar im afraid with freeserve but if this is broadband then the software may not be required.ntl uses something called correctconnect which is installed by default and launches automatically and is used for troubleshooting connection problems but usually causes them.if something similar try first of all right clicking and see if there is an option to disable auto start with windows if not type msconfig into the start/run box and look under start up for a listing of this software and untick it then restart and ignore the warning box that pops up just tick do show again.alternativaly remove it from add remove guessing here as to what this software is for so if your not sure yourself someone that uses freeserve will know the answer.BUMP!

  greenlamp 12:37 13 May 2003

unable to try any suggestions at the moment owing to catastrophic hard disk problems, will update outcome asap

  greenlamp 23:55 13 May 2003

Following replacement of hard drive and fresh install of win98se problem now resolved without any further action required. Thanks for suggestions all the same [it may return of course]. I think the problem first appeared following a, failed, attempt to use updated drivers.[If it aint broke don't fix it]

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